How big are the snags in Precourt’s Austin plans?


It’s not going well (or very streamlined) in Anthony Precourt’s and his cronies attempted move to Austin, Texas.

Their expected five building sites for a Major League Soccer stadium is already down to two.

And I think that number is about to go down to one.

Despite all press, even overseas press, being like “Dude fughetaboutit, olvídalo.”

In addition, the decision has been delayed for three more months (from February 15th to May 15th) until Austin will I guess have to decide on a location. Erm.. if they have to.

As a result that location won’t likely be ready for soccer by 2019 or 2020 unless Precourt has also hired Harry Houdini.

But may not be much of an issue for Precourt Sports Ventures as they can play in University of Texas’s Myers Stadium (on left) in 2019 which is already a venue for soccer and track and has a 20,000 capacity. Link.

Looks like a Mad Max version of Mapfre Stadium. 

But, I’m sure Don Garber can show up in 2019 and call it “a beacon of hope for soccer and for Austin” and their new side Austin Football Craft.

An agreement has already been reached to do such according to some reports.Link.

So how big are the snags?

With all the bad press.. The solid offers from Fischer/Columbus Partnership, Brewdog & etc..

Along with the lack of solid interest from both Austin soccer fans to take the first American soccer team away from its city and to make the first American soccer stadium abandoned, as well as the overall city to have a soccer team in general at the current time.

Makes you wonder why they’re still foraging through like a band of drunk pirates?

I just imagine Don Garber calling Precourt daily with pep talks.

Well I just want to tell you guys it’s time to hit the eject button.

Because Columbus Crew fans won’t quit. 

Keep going ahead and best of luck with anyone wanting to do business with you in the future.

Trying to be helpful as this fight isn’t a winner for you.



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