Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 12/13/18: Steffen news, Ali Curtis named Sporting Director, Robinho


Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 12/13/18: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 12/13/18.

Steffen to stay until July with Columbus. But is that for the best?

Zack Steffen will not transfer to Manchester City in January or be loaned out to Girona or OG Nice as first expected. But hw will instead be in light blue on July 9th, the start of the Summer transfer window.

The change does make some relative sense. It’s not a guarantee that Steffen will be the starter at Girona or OG Nice straight off, especially in the middle of their season. But he will be in Columbus as long as he exists here.

I’m sure Manchester City would like to keep Steffen playing until they can find him a loan situation in Europe where he continues to play.

Plus it gives Manchester City more time to get Steffen’s work permit sorted out by July.

What has been known for about a month the transfer deal is at least for $7 million, but could go up to $10 million if certain incentives are met. LINK.

Most Crew fans will say “yes please” to a surprise seven more months of Zack Steffen, myself included.

However, on second thought, is it great for Columbus to have Zack Steffen for a half season until July, and then July comes and we must find a new goalkeeper mid-season?

No one at Zack Steffen’s level or near it will sit under Steffen for the first four months of the season. So, likely the replacement in July will have to be Kempin or a rookie or a keeper in a current Steve Clark scenario or Steve Clark. 🤔

Therefore, goalkeeper position will be in flux all year. Big story or only story for first part of year. As much as I like Steffen, I can’t help wondering if it would be better to get your new starter by January or February and move things along. Then again if this was the only way for Columbus’s new owners to get most of the money instead of Austin Anthony is fine.

Further it’s a bonus if we are a playoff team next year with the changes. I’m just thrilled we have a team and a future.

Ali Curtis joins the Crew Sporting Director discussion

I’m just stoked with the seriousness of the Crew names for this position. Ali Curtis and Bruce Arena are some big names for your Sporting Director position.

We could use some bigger names at the head coaching hire position as well then Porter, Wolff, etc… *Cough* *Cough* Guillermo Barros Schelotto.

But if GBS as head coach happened with the Crew new stadia Arena District pictures and everything else glorious as of late then I’ve died and am now in heaven.

I’m interested in what level Ali Curtis played in NYRB’s youth academy progress, I’m guessing as their sporting director from 2014 to 2017 quite a bit.

In 2018, NYRB had seven homegrown players on their senior roster, five that have played a huge role in 2018 and are considered starters: Tyler Adams, Connor Lade, Sean Davis, Alex Muyl, and Derrick Etienne Jr.

In comparison, Columbus has lauded the success of their homegrown sole jewel Wil Trapp for the last five years. Currently Trapp is only joined as a homegrown by Alex Crognale, who was probably developed more from his four years with Sasha Cirovski.

Adams in addition was recently acquired by the Bundesliga’s Red Bull Liepzig that is managed by former NYRB manager Jesse Marsch.

Marsch was also hired by Ali Curtis. So yeah could probably get behind that.Ali Curtis’s dismissal from NYRB.

Regardless Columbus is going to need to develop their youth academy more so, in a similar direction, for the future to be competitive in the future.


I’m going to say the $1 million dollar deal for Ceara’s 23 year old winger, striker Robinho to Columbus is a done deal.

We used to be rather solid on the wings, so if he can play either wing to a higher level. “Yes please.”

Weird stuff

Corinthians (a club in Brazil) had a fan today post that Corinthians were signing Gonzalo Higuain’s brother, Federico Higuain…

Since I haven’t seen it anywhere else on Twitter or Google Brazil I would say that this post is likely not true.



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