In a city like Seattle, there is never any shortage of opinions on the game. We love to watch our players perform but in between games, there are issues, questions and voices which we believe you – the fan – wants to read.

In that vein, Prost Amerika is proud to launch its brand new 15/30 Interview segment. What’s in a name? We named it 15/30 because we aim to bring you a brand new and insightful interview on the 15th and 30th of every month with a leading figure in the world of Seattle soccer. We know those of you who get paid on those days of the month won’t forget those numbers! As won’t any tennis fans out there. On this page you can see links to all of our 15/30 interviews as well as interviews we’ve conducted in the past. They are also available from the drop down Features menu.

“A Woman’s Voice”

Earlier this year, we launched a special feature called “A Woman’s Voice” where we invite women to write about soccer. You can see the articles on the A Woman’s Voice page. We hope to bring you the best and most informative soccer section available anywhere, beneath and above all the latest news and our Award-winning match reports.

Coming Soon – Sounders International

Recognising that soccer is a global game, and that Sounders FC is proud of its international image, Prost Amerika will soon launch its “Sounders International” page. Here we will focus on writing about all things Sounders in foreign languages. We will feature German and Spanish initially, although we are open to other languages if approached.

We’ll also have other feature articles on here including longer and more insightful pieces by the Prost Amerika writers and special guest writers who have something relevant and eloquent to say about soccer. Lastly, don’t forget that Prost Amerika’s tagline is Seattle Soccer with a European Accent. We will be bringing you all the news, build up and exclusive interviews from Chelsea FC as the big day of July 18th approaches.

15/30 Interviews

Governor Gregoire at the MLS Launch

Governor Christine Gregoire – March 2nd


Taylor Graham – February 15

Older Interviews

serioushanauercrop169Adrian Hanauer

sebuslSebastien Le Toux

dannyjackson1Danny Jackson

lutz1Lutz Pfannenstiel