Q& A of last night’s Crew SC Supporter’s Summit


The Supporters Summit was tonight for Crew fans. As a portion of that there is a question and answer session with the Columbus Crew’s President of Business Operations Andy Loughnane and the Crew’s Head Coach Gregg Berhalter. That occurred again tonight as the fans decided not to change locations.

That portion is usually closed off to the press and the world for some reason. Supporters are not allowed to record, Nordecke leaders are not allowed to record but considering the situation well good luck with that. 

I was in Pennsylvania so feel free to blame me. 😅

I drive over three hours for this club/franchise. So does the guy next to me in the #SaveTheCrew movie from Erie. “Bad business metrics” and all.

Came across the following audio and since the Columbus Crew never asked me (came up with the name) or any Crew supporters if they could trademark the Nordecke name really no one follows rules and I’ve never been to a Supporters Summit so never agreed to this.

So here you go.


By the way the Nordecke name…

Should be owned by the Nordecke leaders, not by the Columbus Crew.

The Supporters Summit should not be run under front office Columbus Crew rules. Supporters should run it and invite whichever players, the head coach, and front office staff if they want to.

What are they going to do decline? Well that won’t be great for their image. Would perhaps be a much better event with music, Columbus speakers and entertainment as well. So the players, coaches, and front office probably would not want to decline.

Because let’s be honest when the fans take control they DO BETTER then our front office. Shouldn’t be hard to jazz up this event a little.

You see how well PSV does at getting businesses compared to their fans? How good they are at running a team as a go to, fun entertainment business for Columbus compared to when the fans take over and sell out the playoffs? Should it be a surprise that some chairs are the most excitement they can provide?

I bet that event could be a lot more fun, in a nicer hall, and a lot more productive if the Crew were open to more productivity. Oh and open to the press since the SUPPORTERS would all of a sudden run the SUPPORTERS SUMMIT.

And Loughnane’s complaining about attendance… Too bad we can’t reach the heights of Dallas, Colorado, Chicago, New England, and Kansas City in the past. 😅


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