#SaveTheCrew shows up in AFC Wimbledon program


When AFC Wimbledon fans showed up today for the game against Northampton Town at Kingsmeadow…

They got their hands on a matchday program and saw a story about the Columbus Crew and the #SaveTheCrew movement along with it’s relation to AFC Wimbledon. 
The guys behind this, Ray Armfield on the AFC Wimbledon end and the#SaveTheCrew leaders on the Columbus Crew end picked the correct story. 
Brian Everett who is both a AFC Wimbledon and Columbus Crew fan hit the right note. Incredibly well done.
Might have to look into a membership at Dons Trust (you can as well) as enjoyed the help and enthusiasm of Ray. In addition, found myself rooting for AFC Wimbledon when watching AFC Wimbledon vs. MK Dons about a month ago online.

I have a tough time watching anything if I don’t care about either team.

I’ve never been one for supporting a big European club. The biggest I’ve ever followed was supporting Tottenham when I was over there in England in 2005 and they were terrible.

I’m not a Manchester United or Chelsea guy. But, I could be a AFC Wimbledon guy.
Further will never doubt the effectiveness of Twitter.

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