Issah Abass would be a solid attempt to fill a hole at striker


Columbus Crew SC head coach Gregg Berhalter (right) may be on the verge of picking up Ghanaian forward Issah Abass (photo credit: Charlotte Thomas)

Sure it’s Slovenia. Not exactly the first league you think of in Europe.

But, not a bad level if you consider Slovenia is a country that finds itself in a World Cup about every eight years.

Think it could be debated in comparison to some Scandinavian leagues it’s a similar level or possibly better. 

Think the same could be debated with the Polish Ekstraklasa. 

Norway’s last World Cup was twenty years ago. Countries like Slovenia, Poland do a lot better.

Transfermarkt says Abbas’s main position is right wing. That would be strange since Columbus spent a transfer record last year on a right winger?

But his highlights in this, after the first highlight, seem to be mostly at left wing.


Crew are not paying that much for a backup. If they get Abbas I would put some hard money that he will be Meram’s replacement.

They wont have Eduardo Sosa on the payroll as Higuain’s replacement and Abass as Pedro Santos’s number two.

In addition, it’s very possible that in the near future all of our international places will be taken up with Ghanaian players. 









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