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As the Adidas, training center today was full of life.  Under the fog in a chilly morning, the mood in training camp was very positive. For Diego Valeri last campaign league MVP, Sebastian Blanco, Adi and Diego Chara. For these veterans are looking forward to new challenges.

Still you can fell and see a positive mood in these Timbers. The team was in full work out with a series of stretching and condition routines. When the squad finishes, then precede with its scrimmage per manager Savarese instructions.

The session gave way to a full touching the ball between two groups. One was under the direct supervision of the team coaching staff.  These groups of 12 players, each one had a routine of improving this team passing abilities. Shifting to intensive passing exercises divided in groups of six each.


Photo Courtesy and Credit Craig Mitchelldyer

Both red and blue teams started a skirmish with each team composed of veterans, newcomers, T2 and invited players. Here the levels of competition between all of these players became so strong. I mean as my enjoyment of watching this part of the session in every member giving its best. With each player showed off its best skills and game looking forward to impress.

Still one player was not participating in these drills, training alone. Diego Chara being aside of the field following instructions of his therapist. So far for Chara getting ready to be in the next matches in the preseason and opening day.

With the new era of Gio Savarese under way, many young players are looking strong for a spot. Especially the rookies and T2 players invited like Victor Arboleda and Renzo Zambrano. So far, the Timbers new players in Cristhian Paredes and Andy Polo are making impressive progress.  These two by far will adapt very fast to this club game.    



Give kudos to the Timbers GM Gavin Wilkinson in arming an arsenal. The rumors of forward Samuel Armenteros and adding another center back. At the end, this man wisdom has been crucial in this organization success. Already in his tenure, the team has won a league shield and other important shields.

The Portland Timbers in this preseason with the amount of talent in their ranks. This campaign with no doubt will be one successful one. So far, the adaption for many players in under manager will be an easy one. Very well the levels of competition instituting in his players. That at the end will benefit this squad in years to come.

By betting in youth, this club is getting ready for its future. Come opening day and campaign with less than 28 days for opening day. These Portland Timbers are one exciting and ready to go this 2018.

The Portland Timbers morning routines











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