Get to know your local D.C. United player: Chris Korb


In this edition of Get to know your local D.C. United player we speak with defender Chris Korb about cars, Audi Field, and the perks of being a professional soccer player.

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[Author’s note: As always, many thanks to D.C. United’s communications staff for assisting in the procurement of this interview.]

Sean Maslin: What was the last good movie that you saw?

Chris Korb: World’s Fastest Indian

SM: If you weren’t a professional soccer player what would you be?

CK: Probably an auto mechanic/fabricator. Something car-related.

SM: What is your favorite restaurant in the D.C. area?

CK: Rosa Mexicano

SM: What is one thing that you will miss about RFK Stadium?

CK:  The bouncing stands where the Barra and other supporter’s groups cheer from.

SM: What is one thing that you are looking forward to about Audi Field?

CK: Opening day. It’s been talked about and in the works for so long it’s going to feel surreal.

SM: Which is the better perk of being a professional soccer player: seeing people in public wearing your jersey or being in a FIFA video game?

CK: While I love seeing my friends abuse my player on FIFA I think I prefer seeing people walking around in my jersey. After all these years it still makes me smile.

SM: If you could talk to one living soccer player who would it be and what would you ask them?

CK: Pep Guardiola. I would try to get as much info out of him as I could and I can’t imagine all the stories he has over the years working with some of the best  players to ever play.

SM: What is the best tifo or sign that you have seen from the D.C. United supporters through the years?

CK: My favorite United Tifo is the one a few years back for the Red Bull Playoff series. I’ll never forget the red and black background with huge white letters that read You Can’t Hold Us Back.


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