Talon is the word: How to say D.C. United’s mascot’s name in different languages


There are mascots and then there is Talon. Perhaps the most consistent member of D.C. United’s team Talon is a one bird wrecking crew during game day. Whether it is doling out high fives, partying with La Barra Brava, or kicking other mascot’s butts in basketball Talon sets the bar (and probably closes it).

Given that D.C. United is a side loaded with international players we thought it would be fun to find out how one would say the best mascot in MLS’ name.


Language Translation
Arabic makhlab مخلب
Armenian Թալան T’alan
Azerbaijani Talon
Bulgarian талон Talon
Dutch Talon
Finnish (For Markus Halsti) kynsi
French Talon
Hausa Talon
German Talon
Gujarati તલવારTalavara
Hebrew טוֹפֶר
Hindi कूपन Koopan
Hungarian/Magyar Talon
Irish Talún
Italian artiglio
Japanese タロン
Korean 발톱Baltob
Portuguese Talon
Punjabi ਪ੍ਰਤਿਭਾ Pratibha
Russian коготь kogot’
Spanish Garra
Swedish Klo
Thai อุ้งเท้า Xûngthêā
Turkish pençe

*Note if you know how to translate ‘Talon’ into Mandarin and Cantonese please let us know!



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