Coy Bruce Arena will let the results speak for themselves


San Jose, CA – US Men’s National Team preparations for the FIFA World Cup qualifier, March 20 2017.

Bruce Arena has made it pretty clear heading into Wednesday night’s fixture that: Saturday’s performance wasn’t good, there will be some squad rotation and a win is expected.


When asked what Arena expects to be different in the fixture, Arena simply said, “Win the game is one thing. Play better, the second and we will use some other players.”

That’s pretty much all Arena is willing to state so far.

You can’t blame Arena for his reticence. Any successes enjoyed by previous USMNT head coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s would be quickly undermined by any number of flippant comments made later by the coach. Arena is wise to forego that drama; when a random remark can easily light a fire of controversy on social media, that’s a headache Arena could do without.

Even player performance reviews have gotten Arena tight lipped. Dom Dwyer has two goals in two games, “He’s been a good player for us,” Arena begins. “He’s off to a good start.”
Kellyn Accosta had a bad game? “Young players have ups and downs,” Arena states matter of factly, adding, “I think Landon Donovan had a bad game once.”

Arena was even coy when asked about Martinique beginning by apologizing for not knowing the names of Martinique’s players but was able to state previously this was a team capable of hanging five goals on a team.

Arena may be a man of few words, but anything less than a decisive win Wednesday will say more than Arena ever could.



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