Getting political – Timber Jim campaigns for the homeless at Providence Park



MAY 14 – PORTLAND, OR: Portland Timbers tie 1-1 with Atlanta United at Providence Park, Portland, Oregon (Photo by Diego G Diaz).

Getting political – Timber Jim campaigns for the homeless at Providence Park

Jim Serrill, the venerated original mascot of the Portland Timbers, was back again in the capo’s main stand at the North End, last Sunday for the Portland Timbers-Atlanta United match at Providence Park.

Those who have been around will remember more “Timber” Jim routines, chainsaw wielding rappelling down the roof and climbing up dozens of feet above the fans, than the exact acronym of the league at the time.

Today, Jim, takes still takes the stand from time to time to celebrate and spread the love in what is a truly community empowering exercise.

MAY 14 – PORTLAND, OR: Portland Timbers Army sing “You Are My Sunshine” on the 80th minute at Providence Park, Portland, Oregon 

On Sunday, Timber Jim released a new scarf in partnership with local paper Street Roots, Thorns FC Supporters Group, the Riveters, and the Timbers Army.

With the phrase “Housing is a Human Right” on one side and the classic “Spread the Love” on the other,  Jim came down from his season sit to the capo’s stand and lead the chants while displaying the new scarf during the last minutes of the match. For those who are familiar with the Timbers Army traditions, that is the time for the song “You Are My Sunshine”, a song that honors Timber Jim and his daughter Hannah, who was tragically lost in a car accident over 12 years ago.

The scarf was sold at the No Pity van of the the Timbers Army for $20, and was widely seen at the stands.  Proceeds go to Street Roots in their quest to fight homelessness. It is also sold both in the No Pity van and on the No Pity Original’s website (link below).

"Spread the Love" – Street Roots Scarf

MAY 14, 2017 – PORTLAND, OR: Timber Jim at the No Pity van (Photo by Diego G Diaz).


MAY 14, 2017 – PORTLAND, OR: The new scarf a No Pity original on sale at the No Pity Van
(Photo by Diego G Diaz).



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