Of Weddings and Football on Mother’s Day


By Diego Diaz

The teams were just starting their warm-ups on Providence Park’s wet pitch.  The stadium was still filling up 45 minutes before the scheduled kickoff between the Portland Timbers and Atlanta United. Fans were enjoying their food and beverages, speculating the game’s result and talking about how much rain would there be. Meanwhile at the North End, where there is hardly ever a dull moment, two fans in section 104, Faolana McMullin and Charlie Cooper, got married in the stands in the presence of Faolana’s mother, Katheleen Lewy.  “Let’s get married!” capos Patch Adam Perryman and Sunday White cheered, echoed by many more fans. In minutes, lovers responded “I do” and “Until RCTID,” and joy overcame surprise on the neighboring sections of the North End. The now newlyweds pointed at the pitch and yelled “Now let’s win!”.



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