Timbers, RSL bring fireworks, dazzle in Timbers Preseason Tournament Opener



The Timbers came out flying. The ball squirted around the field like the field was lined with WD-40. Portland had two legit chances on goal in the first five minutes.

36′ GOAL! Diego Valeri

Valeri hits paydirt. Mattocks had his shot saved but the ever-present Valeri was there to collect the rebound.

’41 Tarjeta roja! Diego Chara

Chara’s elbow found Yura Movsisyan’s head. The tape doesn’t lie and following video replay, Chara is sent off.

43′ GOAL!  Joao Plata

Plata scores a looper from 18 yards out on a freekick.

45’+ GOAL! Diego Valeri

Timbers re-gain the advantage as the teams exit the first half


51′ GOAL! Darren Mattocks

Timbers complete several passes, find seams in the RSL defense and Mattocks finds the back of the net. RSL may have a man advantage, but the Timbers have a two goal lead ..

54′ GOAL! Luke Mulholland

.. or they did until Mulholland pulls one back for RSL.

’67 GOAL! Omar Holness

And we’re level!


In the end, it is what you hope it is with a preseason game: one that is injury free. Both teams can rest easy on that note. For the Timbers, they learned they can score when playing at a disadvantage. It’s unlikely the team will ever have to encounter be in a similar situation with so little on the line.

If I had one takeaway, it’s that the Timbers ball control sizzled with their new additions. Portland looked assertive, poised, and polished.

Yes, even if it is just preseason…


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