Hinton Unleashed: Seattle and Vancouver ‘my favorite rivalry’; Portland ‘an ordinary team’


Alan Hinton, Prost Amerika’s video columnist, shared his opinions on Saturday’s Cascadia match between Seattle and Vancouver, including some historical background on his favorite rivalry. He went on to discuss the Portland Timbers, manager Arsene Wenger’s issues at Arsenal, and Bayern Munich’s incredible Champions League 4-2 late match comeback win over Juventus.

Seattle and Vancouver Cascadia derby

“My favorite rivalry is Vancouver against Seattle. Always will be.”

Hinton’s history with the Vancouver Whitecaps and Seattle Sounders goes back to the old North American Soccer League. The former winger retired from the pitch after the 1978 season with Vancouver. Hinton went on to manage both teams (Seattle 1980-82, 1984; Vancouver 1984) once his playing days ended.

In recalling his favorite moments from the rivalry, Hinton remembered an incident involving Vancouver’s Scottish-born winger Willie Johnston. He mooned the Sounders’ bench and Englishman Bruce Rioch after nailing the winning goal for the Whitecaps. The bad blood between Johnston and Rioch dated back to their days as teammates on the Scottish national team.

Portland ‘ordinary’ last year and this year

“Last year, for most of the year, Portland was an ordinary team. They just hit their stride when it came to the playoffs, and they won it. They’re still an ordinary team this year…”

The former First Division winger couldn’t pass up the opportunity to discuss the other Cascadia derby rival: Portland.

According to Hinton, Portland had all of the right bounces of the ball on their way to winning the 2015 MLS Cup. He felt an ordinary Timbers team showed how winning and losing can come down to a game of inches.

Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal days numbered

“I think Wenger’s in trouble….Maybe it’s time for a change.”

With the English Premier League’s season winding down, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and his team may not win a single trophy. Hinton thought the fans’ restlessness, continual lineup changes and lack of success on the pitch could end Wenger’s long spell as Arsenal’s head man.



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