Sounders FC Player Ratings (vs Chivas USA)


by Shayna Gosney

ChivasvSounders7Stefan Frei (6.5):  Frei made a couple key saves in the match- most notably against a dipping Mauro Rosales free kick in the 42nd and Luke Moore’s effort in the 87th. He also showed a great deal of bravery to keep Erick Torres from a brace in the 45th and took the striker’s boots to his chest for his troubles.
However, Frei flapped at a high ball in the 89th and was lucky that no Chivas player was able to capitalize on his mistake in the way that Seattle was for their first goal. His distribution could also use work and would benefit the Sounders greatly in their attempts to keep possession.

Leo Gonzalez – off 92’ (7):  Leo saw a yellow for persistent infringement in the 31st minute after a foul on former teammate Rosales, but did well to contain himself afterwards. While he was far less active in aiding the attack than Yedlin, the Chivas offense also found much less success down his side of the field.

Chad Marshall (7.5):  Marshall was the master of the clean-up game for the Sounders, as he effectively covered for the mistakes of those around him all night long. Like always, Marshall also won every aerial battle within a square mile of him, and was also credited with an assist on the first goal. He was far and away Seattle’s best defender and a standout performer – something Sounders fans are happily getting used to seeing every week.


Djimi Traore (6):  Traore made some great last-ditch tackles as usual, but was caught out of position a couple different times. Lucky for him and the Sounders, Chad Marshall has been nothing short of magnificent. Like Frei behind him, Traore could do with some extra training time focusing on distribution, as his passing needs a bit of work.

DeAndre Yedlin (6.5):  Yedlin’s inconsistent season continued as he was solid in the tackle and in positioning early on but found himself needing teammates to cover for him often as the game wore on. He wasn’t helped by Neagle’s tendency to float up to the forward line and stay there, but the young defender will need to learn when to hold his forward runs back just a little when he’s got no midfielder to speak of in front of him and the team has been turning the ball over so easily.

Marco Pappa – off 67’ (5.5):  Pappa did solid work in helping to prevent Chivas from developing much offensively down his side, but he was nearly absent going forward. He turned the ball over 27 times (16 via tackles and 11 failed passes) to his 25 successful passes, and saw two of his three attempted crosses sail far from any rave green shirts.

Osvaldo Alonso (6.5):  Alonso was unlucky to be called for a dubious penalty in the 4th minute but recovered well afterward to complete 55 of 62 total passes and tie for the team lead in both tackles and interceptions.

ChivasvSounders12Gonzalo Pineda (6):  Pineda had the second-most passes completed for the Sounders and his excellent free kick led to their first goal. Pineda found himself battered though, and his production slowed as the game wore on though his effort both going forward and in defense never let up.

Lamar Neagle (7):  Neagle scored his second goal of the season in the 24th minute, putting himself in the right place at the right time following a free kick from Pineda and a Dan Kennedy error. He was effective in pushing up to play near Martins when Dempsey would drop deep into midfield, but failed to recover to the right side quickly enough to aid Yedlin when the ball was turned over- which Neagle and his teammates were guilty of often. The result was a massive hole along Seattle’s right flank which was exploited often until Brad Evans came on in the 67th minute.

Clint Dempsey (7.5):  Dempsey provided two assists on the night to prove that even when he’s not scoring goals by the barrel, he’s still right at the heart of Seattle’s play. His ability to draw nearly an entire defensive line opens spaces in attack as it did for Obafemi Martins’ long-awaited goal in the 81st minute, and his quick, creative passing continues to make the Sounders’ offense tick.

ChivasvSounders4Obafemi Martins – off 91’ (7.5):  Martins put in a lung-busting shift for the Sounders, making endless offensive runs and even flying all the way back to tackle the ball away from Barrera one of the many times Yedlin was caught out. It was evident the Nigerian was getting frustrated, as he showed a tendency to over-hit passes and drag shots wide. His reward for weeks of unselfish play finally came in the 81st minute, when he was played into the Chivas box by Clint Dempsey and ended his cross-field sprint with a deftly chipped finish over Kennedy – and still found the energy to show the traveling supporters a trademark backflip.


ChivasvSounders15Brad Evans – on 67’ (7):  Evans took up his position on the right wing and did well to give Yedlin much-needed support. The Sounders found more space to pass once they saw both wings actually occupied, instead of clogging the center of the pitch while leaving a gaping hole on the right side. His return will likely help to diminish the Sounders’ recent tendency to turn the ball over in midfield and ensure that Alonso is not required to cover quite so much of the pitch at all times.

Chad Barrett – on 91’: No rating

Dylan Remick – on 92’: No rating


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  1. I was at this game and saw so many poor decisions made by the sounders I wanted to scream. I don’t even know where to start. I guess I will start with what really pulls at my heart being a sounders supporter and that is the fact that Marco Pappa took and continues to wear the #10. I am shocked at his play. He’s a good player but by no means should he consider himself the playmaker and visionary of this team. It’s just frustrating to see his poor passes go straight to the opposition. That pass to Dempsey in Dallas was a beauty and if he played those constantly I’d shut my mouth and be happy. Moving on to more important things.

    Someone needs to tell Yedlin he plays right back. At one point I saw him standing waving his arm for the ball further up the field than either forward. To many runs forward leaving the right flank free and clear. It needs to be quality runs forward not quantity.

    Stefan Frei is a back up goal keeper at best. His decision making is slow, he doesn’t control his area, and he can’t hold onto a ball. His play with Torres was definitely heroics and he put himself out there for the team but I still haven’t seen a lot that would convince me he’s a number 1. Sounders need to strengthen at this position if they want to contend come the fall.

    I like Traore, but you would think the guy would have a better touch. It seems that the entire team gave the ball away and were trying to give Chivas the game. From where I sat it seemed Seattle was playing a man down in the final 10-15 min. Chivas was taking it to us and for some reason we couldn’t possess the ball. Make easy short passes, take it to the corner. How difficult is that? Yedlin kept making overlapping runs trying to push. He and Brad couldn’t get on the same page. It was very frustrating to watch Seattle flounder around while Chivas attacked w dangerous runs and passing. STOP TURNING THE BALL OVER!

    If it wasn’t for Dempsey and Martins this team would be in a world of ****. Our offense is top notch no doubt. It’s pretty awesome to see that partnership blossoming and paying dividends. Every team in the league will be wary.
    I think once Evans gets back in the middle w Ozzie we’ll start to see more of that possession that holds the ball and better passing. I hope.


    • Blake,

      It’s a good and well thought out analysis. In Sounders’ defense, I’d say that, whereas they do nopt have the best first XI in the Western Conference, they certainly have among the best top 16 to 18s. There are bunch of wise journeymen signings including Pappa, but of which Cooper, Marshall, Pineda and Barrett are better examples. None of them are as talented as Pedro Morales or Max Urruti but they will be there for Seattle as injuries, suspensions and World Cups strip you of top stars.

      If you want to imagine life without such journeymen, look at RSL’s threadbare side last weekend.

      That said – you are right about Sounders turnovers which leaves me one last point.

      PLEASE appreciate what Brad Evans does when he safely recycles possession sideways and backwards. Were it not for his diligence in keeping ball, the club’s turnover rate since 2009 would have seen them 10-15 goals a season worse off.