Top 10 Most Read Stories of 2013

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Photos: Rick Morrison

Photos: Rick Morrison

After running through the top posts of the year for Prost Amerika, it was surprising to see what our most read posts turned out to be.

  1. Schmid Returns to Old Theme of Blaming Will Johnson
    First it was Marc Burch, then it was Osvaldo Alonso, but both times Sigi Schmid took to blaming Johnson for teasing out these kind of reactions from his players.
  2. Portland City Council to Call on MLS to Abandon Cascadia Cup Trademark
    The City Council in Portland made no doubt about their support for tradition over corporate control. OK, it was only a resolution, but still impressive display of civic support for a soccer team.
  3. Ashlyn Harris on Making her USA Debut: “I just felt like I belonged.”
    This is the moment players dream about, stepping on to the pitch for the first time, Harris may not be a well-known name, but her story resonated with our readers.
  4. Of whisky and footy and things left unsaid
    This is just a beautifully written memorial for a coach with high expectations and a short tenure in Portland.
  5. ‘Feelin Thorny’ T-shirts Irritate Timbers and Thorns Fans
    Whoever thought up that marketing slogan was a real prick.
  6. Sounders Abandon New Security Measures after Match Kicks off to Half Empty Stadium
    Don’t wand me bro!
  7. Hahnemann Cites Johnson’s Lack of Effort in Training Ground Bust-up
    This is probably the most controversial piece on the list for a couple of reasons. We caused a lot of stir when it was published and drew every reaction imaginable from every source. Looking back on it now, it does appear to be the start of problems with Johnson.It was more than just a training ground temper flare up, we could tell by the way it was handled by all parties involved. End result, Hahnemann is back supplying veteran leadership with Sounders and Johnson just threw himself a going away party in Seattle.
  8. Timbers and Red Bulls Lining up Klinsmann Favourite for MLS then USA
    Don’t lie, you would take Nigel Reo-Coker on your MLS club and national team. No one at Prost is surprised that Reo-Coker survived the cleansing at Vancouver at the end of this season.
  9. Timbers in CONCACAF Champions League
    Mostly this is an affirmation that Conferences matter, others interpreted this as a punishment cloaked as a rule change.
  10. MLS Attempts to Trademark Cascadia Cup
    Far and away the most read story on Prost this year. The supporters in Cascadia region conceptualized the regional rivalry in USL well before it was adopted as a marketing strategy by MLS. Neither side wanted the other to do something outrageous that would devalue the competition. And you never know how much potential sponsorship revenue and merchandising. A Supporter’s Shield in a true sense, and the right side won out in the end.


Prost may have started covering Seattle, and over the seasons we have grown into the region of Cascadia and beyond to cover the game that we all love. Rival supporter groups coming together to defend their Cascadia Cup. That is genuine fan experience. And that is the type of story we want to bring our readers. Most of these stories were about the fans and supporter culture and that says a lot.

Surprised that a Clint Dempsey story didn’t make the list and Ashlyn Harris did? A big transfer is supposed to be big news, but with so much coverage of the event and the money readership may have been spread thin. Or maybe it was just another Dempsey watch story. How many times can you hear that about the largest transfer in MLS?

Or maybe Harris’ story resonated with readers because it was a more touching story. Who doesn’t dream of stepping on the pitch for their National Team? Or even high school or club team. That moment of validation for all the hours put in. Hopefully you have experienced a something like that, if not you can always add getting on an adult team to your resolutions.

There are plenty of human moments in soccer. It’s easy to watch players on tv or get on a keyboard and say all the reasons why someone should lose their job without any regard that coaches and players are also human. Even coaches have feelings and dreams, and sometimes they get crushed like regular people. Of whisky and footy and things left unsaid, gives you that notion that getting fired as manager doesn’t feel much different than getting fired from any job.  Go read it if you skipped it.

Our time with the game doesn’t last forever unfortunately. Some of our people, notably Steve Clare, have moved on, but we all follow the same standard that has been set over the years.

Here’s to 2014, Prost!


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  1. I missed the “Of whisky and footy and things left unsaid” piece the first time around. Though a Sounders fan, I found it very moving. Thanks for the yearly recap. :)

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