What in the world is going on with Manchester United?


What in the world is going on with Manchester United?

by Chris “Bubba” Blakely

Apparently I need to stop making predictions.

ManU_Logo_JpegSmallI picked Arsenal to beat West Brom in my last article by the score of 3-0. They tied 1-1. Manchester City did beat Everton 3-1 even though I predicted 2-1.  I picked Tottenham to win at home 1-0 and they got thrashed 3-0 by West Ham. Liverpool did win 3-1 after I picked a 3-0 blowout over Crystal Palace.  I guess technically I didn’t do that bad.

I’m just glad I don’t pick games for a living.

Undaunted, here I wade into another EPL Saturday.

What in the world is going on with Manchester United?

They have played eight league games and only have eleven points to show for it. Is it because David Moyes doesn’t command the respect that Sir Alex Ferguson commanded? Is his playing style and system different that Sir Alex?

Or is it that Moyes is just and average middle of the table manager? Or did Sir Alex set the bar so high that no matter what Moyes does it will be hard for him to succeed? I just don’t think he is cut out to be the manager of Manchester United.

I’d say being the manager of Manchester United is the equivalent of being the manager of the Yankees or Red Sox. Everybody expects so much for the new manager because of what the previous manager(s) have done. I’m not trying to put down Moyes. He does have some of the best footballers in the world at his disposal.

They are in the UEFA Champions League once again against some stiff competition. So his star players are playing a lot right now and maybe it’s taking a toll on them. Regardless he needs to figure it out and I hope for his sake the season does turn around. Maybe my counterpart, Chris”Torquay” Ballard was correct when he said this wasn’t going to be Manchester United’s season.

Hiding from the Prediction Police

So I like to frequent the Barclay’s Premier League website from time to time. On their homepage they have some stats for the season so far. There have been a total of 80 games played this year. In those 80 games there have been 63 wins and 17 ties with a 196 goals scored. No hat tricks as of date of publication. In the 80 games played so far this year there has been 259 yellow cards handed out along with 10 red cards. Just a few stats for you to chew on as you read this article.

So far the three teams at the bottom of the table are Sunderland, Crystal Palace and Norwich. I am going to make my predictions on these three teams as well as Manchester United.

Crystal Palace 0 : 2 Arsenal

I know Crystal Palace is playing at home but I don’t see them winning these one against the league leaders. I’m taking North Londoners Arsenal with a 2-0 win over The Eagles at Selhurst Park in South London.

Norwich City 2 : 1 Cardiff City

Next up we got Norwich at home against Cardiff. If the Canaries win this it will take them out of the relegation zone and put Cardiff in it. I’m picking the Canaries to win this one 2-1 at home and send the South Walians on the long westward trip back empty handed.


Sunderland 0 : 2 Newcastle United

Oh Sunderland what a disappointment you have been this year. One point out of a possible twenty-four points in a good way to get your manager fired. Sunderland is taking on local rival Newcastle who is sitting on eleven points from eight games played. Newcastle has won three of their last six matches while Sunderland is winless in their last six. This should be the easiest prediction of the four that I am making. Newcastle wins this Tyne/Tees derby 2-0.

Manchester United  2 : 0 Stoke City

Manchester United is taking on Stoke who is sitting on eight points from eight games. An average of one point per game is not going to get it done for Stoke. I’m taking the Red Devils to start their turn around this weekend with a 2-0 win.

I’d like to say that I am going to be writing a little more every week starting next week.

With the MLS season winding down I won’t be as pre occupied and will have more time to write about the EPL. Until next time my friends.


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    • I could see a season similar to their 1969 season. New manager with a new style. Originally I picked them to finish in the top four but now I’m not so sure. Looks like middle of the table for sure at this rate.