Fan Op-Ed: Carrasco for Moffat – The Upside and Downside

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Published on September 13, 2013 with 4 Comments

Sounders fan Rod Nicholls has some fun at the site editor’s expense but deep down loves the deadline day trade that has brought Adam Moffat to Seattle.

Carrasco for Moffat:  The Upside and Downside to the Rave Green of a Roster Freeze Day Trade

If the Obafemi Martins and Clint Dempsey signings were not a clear statement of the Sounders playing the MLS Cup or Bust card for the 2013 Campaign, today’s roster freeze deadline day trade surely is.

Photo: Ali Gilmore

The surrendering of Servando Carassco and the MLS Super Draft natural second round draft pick for Adam Moffat of the Houston Dynamo, could not be a clearer statement of that.

As with all trades there are upsides and downsides, and after just a few moments to ponder this trade, here are four of each for the Rave Green:

Upsides of the Trade:

1) At CM Moffat is a true Box to Box center midfielder in ways that Sigi always hoped Evans would become but never quite did i.e. he creates space and seams for others to exploit and immediately draws defensive attention in the attacking third because of my next point.

2) He will be the Sounders’ first legitimate offensive bomber from 35 yards.  The Sounders have not had a player who can drop heavy artillery consistently on target from distance.  This has allowed opposing defenses a degree of serious freedom in choosing defensive tactics to deploy, that is now gone. Defences have to close down or allow him to pepper the target at will.

3) The Sounders now, for the first time, have a legitimate back up for Ossie Alonso if he gets injured or suspended. This fees Ossie up even more to play his natural aggressive game.

4) Shalrie Joseph just became a redundancy that will most likely be a throw in player on a draft day trade.


1) His beard, that mess has got to go.

2) He is a former Timber.

3) He is Scottish and the Sounders will have to waste money hiring an interpreter.

4) No more Alex Morgan in the Emerald City!

All in all the upsides outweigh the downside, and oh yea, the Sounders get a player in the prime of his career who has played in three MLS Cups and won one.

The value of his experience in play-off ties will be crucial if this club is to proceed.

Adam Moffat Signs for the Sounders

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  1. He just needs to shave the parts on his neck, then it will be righteous. Properly maintained you could get something like this:

    • They can take away our beards, but they’ll never take our freedommmm…….

  2. Excellent!

  3. Carrasco count now be Re-united with Alex in the Rose City !!!!

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