Nigel Reo-Coker: The Spirit of Vancouver

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Published on August 06, 2013 with 2 Comments

Fishing club

Reo-Coker has not been like a fish out of water in Vancouver.

by Nigel Reo-Coker

Well it has been a while since my last article I can’t even remember where I left it last.

We have been on a great run at the moment I believe we had won 7 out of our last 10 games before playing a man down against Philadelphia. It’s been great for the club and for the boys also.

We have had some really tough games and played in some great atmospheres. More pleasingly the side has also come back from being behind in a few games to actually win them. That truly does show great character and determination. It’s a great building block to have to get and establish that winning mentality.

For the Whitecaps fans I know the Cascadia games mean a lot and are very important to them, and I have to say the atmospheres we have had in those games have been fantastic.

The away game to Seattle was magnificent, a true derby game the support of the fans was magnificent and it was a great game to watch and play in. Admittedly the result for us was disappointing but I hope I can be man enough to see a bigger picture beyond that short term. That said I was very very determined to reverse that at the first available opportunity. That was a great support we had in Seattle and I hope I felt their pain.

For those fans again we were happy to then gain our first win over Seattle in the club’s MLS history. It was a very tough game again which we knew it would be, but we were strong enough as a team to hold on and get the win.

Again it was a great derby atmosphere at BC place and there was a special buzz in the air as there always is in a derby game.


We are about half way through the season and the league is starting to take shape.  These next few games for all the clubs are going to be vital as they jockey for position.

The downhill part of the season over here is when playoff places will be secured and when other clubs will be looking forward to next season. In England it would be when teams will be looking for Champions League places and other teams will be trying to avoid relegation.

It is important for us to continue and be consistent in our performances to get the results and keep us at the top half of the table where we want to be.

Our mentality has to be every game we go in with a point, so the least we should come out with is a point or all three would be better. That’s the mind set you have to have to build a club with a winning mentality. For me mentality is a very important part of a successful football team.

Fells like team spirit

Feels like team spirit / Photo: Mike Russell

On the fun side of things the weather in Vancouver has been great and as a lil de-stress, I organised a fishing trip for the boys.

We did the Vancouver thing and went salmon fishing. It was a great time and all the boys seemed to have fun.

For some of them it was their first fishing experience which made it even all the more enjoyable.

We had four boats, between all boats we caught 20 fish.

Top angler goes to Jordan (Harvey)  who brought in a 20 pound spring salmon which was hooked by its tail. It was massive as we would say in England. No-one seems to use that word much here!

The skate, long board club is still in full effect and were are about to start a full-on fishing club now, led by myself and Brad (Rusin). Brad loves his fishing being a Florida boy.

I hope you get from these articles that I am trying to bring more to Vancouver Whitecaps than merely what you see on the pitch. Doing the external activities really builds something that helps on match day. We actually all like each other in this squad, and the boarding and fishing has done a lot to cement that.

That’s (I think partly) what Martin Rennie brought me in for, and I hope I have delivered.


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  1. Great article!

  2. Hi Nigel,
    Thank you for sharing all the insight on the team experiences on and off the pitch.
    I am proud to have you play for the blue and white.
    You have been a fantastic addition to the team, and the team is becoming more of a family
    more than ever playing their all for each other.
    Thank you for taking the time writing for the fans and sharing your stories.

    The teams efforts recently in Portland and at home vs. San Jose
    were outstanding.
    All the best this season and hope you remain with the team for a few more years.


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