Neagle: I still have those outside-mid tendencies come back as a forward.

The value of this Neagle signature just increased. (Photo:  Brandon Bleek)

The value of this Neagle signature just increased

Stephanie Beck spoke to Lamar Neagle before he played a starring role in Sounders FC’s 4-0 win over San Jose Earthquakes about switching roles, learning from Mauro Rosales and the Sounders reunion in Montreal.

Prost Amerika: You’ve been used at forward and mid, how difficult is it to be aware on the field to remember what your role is, as opposed to gut reactions of a footballer in certain situations?

Lamar Neagle: I mean it’s not too bad.  When I’m a forward I know my duties. You take it game to game. I have been playing outside mid all my life so I still have those tendencies come back as a forward. I think that helps me out sometimes playing on defense and helping the guys out sometimes. So I don’t think it’s a negative at all; still happy to do either role.

Prost Amerika: You recently played against another Federal Way product, Kelyn Rowe. Was there much chat about the old times, either on the pitch or off?

Lamar Neagle: No I mean we know each other. Every off-season he comes back here so we train together a lot. So with mutual friendship and mutual respect it’s all good.

Prost Amerika: Mauro Rosales has also been a switcher between forward and midfield, has his experience and advice helped?

Lamar Neagle: Yeah, I mean those kind of leadership roles those guys take on.

Being younger than Mauro and him having so much experience and you know you always watch the older guys and see what they do, no matter what position they play in but it’s even better with Mauro, knowing that he plays my position and kind of picking his brain about different situations.

Prost Amerika:  While you were away with Montreal Impact, did you experience much curiosity about soccer in Seattle from other players?

Rosales has been a great teacher

Mauro Rosales picks Neagle’s brain for a change!

Lamar Neagle: Not really. Everybody kind of talks about where they were before because it was a new team and everybody was coming from somewhere new from the year before.

We all kind of chatted about the different clubs and how they ran things and the organizations and stuff like that but nothing to in particular.

Prost Amerika: And Tyson Wahl was playing there with you as well?

Lamar Neagle: Yeah Fucito, Tyson, Nyassi, all those guys and Miguel Montano.

Prost Amerika: So it was like half of former Seattle bench right there?

Lamar Neagle: Yeah it was crazy and funny but it is good to see familiar faces especially in a new place.

Prost Amerika: Did knowing each other on the pitch also make it a little bit easier?

Lamar Neagle: Yes especially with me and Tyson both playing on the left that made it easier.

Prost Amerika: There you played under a very young coach Jesse Marsch. Here in Seattle, you’re under a more experienced coach in Sigi. What are the major differences?

Lamar Neagle: I am not sure. Obviously Sigi has a great record and everything like that and a lot of experience so he knows how to manage his players and knows how to deal with different personalities and put together a winning team.

I think with Jesse it was a little difficult with kind of coming into a new team. You have all new players, Sigi has been able to build up his team and kind of pick who he wanted. I don’t think Jesse Marsch had as much say.

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