Cascadian Supporters Groups Release Non Statement

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The Supporters Groups have released a statement

Supporters Groups in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver have released a joint statement after their meeting with MLS.

Other than confirming that they met with MLS which was already widely known, it contains little of interest.

Cascadia Supporters Groups Meet with Major League Soccer’s Representatives on Cascadia Cup
Trademark Issue

Portland, OR., Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, WA. — January 22, 2013 —

The supporters groups in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver had a productive and respectful conference call with Major League Soccer’s representatives that opened important dialogue. The supporters groups in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver look forward to working with MLS to resolve this issue.

The Cascadia Cup Council continues to believe that it is well positioned to represent the interests of the Cascadia Cup
trademark and the supporters who created it.


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