Supporters Groups Issue Statement on Trademarking of Cascadia Cup


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A statement from the Supporters Groups of the three Cascadian sides has been issued.

It comes in response to the attempt of Major League Soccer to file a trademark of the term “Cascadia Cup” in Canada. It says they have formed a ‘Cascadia Cup Council’ which has filed a U.S. federal trademark registration application for the Cascadia Cup mark.

This morning MLS issued its first statement in response to the story broken on Prost Amerika on Sunday night.

Here is the Supporters Groups statement in full:

The supporters groups in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver jointly oppose Major League Soccer’s claim of ownership of the Cascadia Cup trademark.

The three supporters groups have jointly used the Cascadia Cup mark for many years and have been the rightful owners of the mark.

In response to recent statements and actions by MLS, the supporters groups recently formed a new entity, the Cascadia Cup Council, which acquired the supporters’ groups trademark rights in the Cascadia Cup mark. The Cascadia Cup Council will ensure that the mark remains in the hands of the very supporters who created it.

The Cascadia Cup Council recently filed a U.S. federal trademark registration application for the Cascadia Cup mark, and a registration application will likely be filed in Canada as well. The Cascadia Cup Council also intends to formally oppose Major League Soccer’s attempt to register the trademark that the public recognizes as a fan-created competition that predates Major League Soccer in Vancouver, Portland or Seattle.

Not only does the Cascadia Cup Council believe they rightfully own the trademark to Cascadia Cup but they also are of the belief they are the appropriate entity to protect the mark from third parties that are unaffiliated with the supporters groups in the Pacific Northwest.

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Steve is the founder and owner of Prost Amerika. He covered the expansion of MLS soccer in Cascadia at first hand. As Editor in Chief of, he was accredited at the 2014 World Cup Final. He is the former President of the North American Soccer Reporters Association/ Originally from Glasgow, he is a supporter of the Great Glasgow Alternative, Partick Thistle.


  1. This is what soccer culture in the NW is all about. On game day and message boards we are at each others throats over our love for our teams, but we support each other when what we worked so hard to create is threatened. I am very proud of ALL the groups involved in the greatest soccer rivalry in America. Its nice to know that we may be RCTID or SSTID or WCTID, but in the end its Cascadia Till I DIE!

  2. Thank you SGs! We have a flag, a “range”, and a major sports franchise. May the succession* really begin. 🙂

    * ecology the series of changes that create a full-fledged plant and animal community, e.g. from the colonization of bare rock to the establishment of a forest

  3. Sent today as Letters to the Editors of The Oregonian, Seattle Times & Vancouver Sun:


    “Cascadia Cup” Supported Not Sponsored

    Major League Soccer did not create the deeply-held & passionately-displayed rivalry in Cascadian football, what we Americans commonly call soccer. Nor did it even purchase the Cascadia Cup trophy itself. Yet the league has actively sought trademark rights to the title “Cascadia Cup” in recent months, and that disgusts me.

    How does the league expect the supporter groups of these three MLS teams – the Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps – to react after we have spent our time and money and energies to collaboratively agree on how to host and coordinate (not to mention purchase and commission the physical trophy itself) the Cup’s care?

    During each season, the team with the best record in direct competition with the other two distinguishes its supporters group with possession of the Cup. It is handed off between unpaid, representatives of these groups. Not by MLS. It resides outside the auspices of the team and the league – not in a glass-enclosed case, collecting dust or locked away at the team’s stadium to be stared at a few times a year – and is often carried around in the stadium on game days, among the supporters who created it and who ensure its safety and feel tremendous satisfaction as its rightful owners.

    Those within the League’s braintrust who have undertaken this callous action should be ashamed of themselves for their thinly-veiled attempts to underhandedly trademark and profiteer upon the voluntary, inclusive work of the Cascadian supporter groups’ members.

    This is no small matter as this supporter-driven and organized competition has no formal endorsement by a third party as part of its design. It is the very best display of mutual enterprise among fierce rivals which is near-absent in other American and even International sport leagues. The current attempt by MLS to own the patent on the term “Cascadia Cup” can only be seen as an aggressive action to seek corporate bidding for a sponsorship of the trophy’s title. After which it can only be assumed they would sell the title’s rights at a profit to any of a dozen current groups which currently fill billboards and electronic queues that dance around stadiums during MLS matches, or even to entice new firms and investors as MLS seeks to grow in the nation’s sports and entertainment industries.

    For shame on you, MLS. Let this be a clarion call for any other supporter groups, in any league, anywhere, to not be taken aback by their clubs’ governing bodies. Lest that they too become targets of the greed which MLS’s recent actions have displayed so heartlessly in Cascadia.

    – Patch Perryman
    Portland, Oregon, Cascadia


    My statement is my own and not issued as representation on behalf any group, formal or informal.

  4. Demolition Man on

    Bravo! I was not worried that we (as Cascadians) would not act, but to see it in print fills me with relief and excitement. After reading the lame release by MLS about trying to “protect” the Cup for us, this fills me with pride for our region. When other teams supporters have said, “Where is your history?”, I have replied that it starts before theirs. Stand strong, stand proud, FORZA CASCADIA!!

  5. Funny that MLS should now care so greatly about “protecting” the Cup – where was that sense of caring when they moved to the unbalanced schedule?

    • Voting? Who said anything about voting? I don’t think a body drawn from the SGs to safeguard a legal process necessarily needs to be subject to an election.

      There is no policy issue here. Their mandate is to safeguard a piece on intellectual property. Should it begin to attract other duties, then the individual SGs may alter how they nominate their representatives.

      • When you combine 10k members of TA, 4k of ECS and 2k of Southsiders. Who will be in charge? Revenue streams are already in place with Scarves, flags, hats and other memorabilia… Just looking for the transparency of what the MLS was trying to steal…