Laura Harvey Interview: Part 2


In Part 1 of our interview, new Seattle Reign Laura Harvey coach talked about how she heard of Seattle’s interest and the mechanics behind her arrival here.

Here in Part 2, she talks about the difference in football styles and the players she is leaving behind in London.

Prost Amerika: You’ll know that in the men’s game, the style of football differs across nations and continents. The style of football is different in the EPL than what you see in Italy.

Laura Harvey: Yes.

Prost Amerika:  Is that also the case in women’s soccer? Do US and Canadian women play in a different style from the players you currently coach at Arsenal?

lauraharveyLaura Harvey: I think traditionally the American players and teams, especially on an international level have always been seen as the fittest and the strongest; but in recent times, that’s been matched with some real technical ability and I think that’s something where from a European point of view, we’ve always been technically good players but we haven’t always been able to compete on a physical side of the game.

Now I think that stateside, that people are looking into the technical side of the game a lot more and appreciating why that ‘s so important.

For a coach like me who believes in that so much – matching that with the belief that you have to be physically strong and physically fit. If you can add that technical ability to the game and wanting to play soccer/ football in the right way, is something that for me, was a really interest and what ultimately made me make the move.

Prost Amerika: Talk a little about what you’re leaving behind in London.

Laura Harvey: They’re professional and the thing with being at such a fantastic club like Arsenal, which it is, is that they know no matter what happens, that they’re a great group of players and the staff behind the scenes are fantastic. Whoever gets the opportunity to take on that job has a fantastic group of players there who always want to be the best they can possible be, which makes them a pleasure to work with.

Prost Amerika: We had many of the top American internationals who played in Seattle last year. Is there anyone you’re particularly looking forward to working with?

Laura Harvey: I wouldn’t like to single anybody out because obviously if you don’t get them, you’re always left disappointed. To be able to work with players who have had such experiences, it’s exciting. To go out there and show and be able to see what they can do on a first hand basis is exciting for a coach like me, and obviously vice versa. 

Prost Amerika: And how would you approach a team of such a mix of top internationals and lesser known players?

Laura Harvey: I’ve got a lot to offer them and every player whether they be a 100 capped senior international or someone whose just come out of college has always got something to learn. Hopefully the two together;  a coach that wants to help and a player who wants to succeed is always something that can be successful.

No matter which players we get, I hope that can be the case and that will mean a successful side moving forward

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