Chelsea’s Image Sinks Further after Mikel is Banned for Threatening Referee


Chelsea FC midfielder Jon Obi Mikel has received a three match ban and been fined $90,000 for threatening a referee.

Mikel was found to have acted abusively toward referee Mark Clattenburg after Chelsea’s 2-3 defeat to Manchester United. The alleged incident took place in the officials’ locker room.

Allegations that Clattenburg had racially abused Mikel were levied at the official by Mikel’s colleague Ramires although all inquiries later found these to be untrue. Nevertheless Clattenburg, one of the EPL’s best officials, missed four straight weekends of refereeing while the furor was investigated and blew over.

Luckily for Mikel, the Football Association accepted that he had genuinely believed Calttenburg to have uttered racially charged language or else the ‘suspension would have been significantly longer‘, the FA explained in a statement.

The FA and the police both dropped inquiries into the allegation.


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  1. The Referees union, or whatever you call it is ticked off about how this wasn’t taken very seriously. It should be pointed out that it doesn’t matter what racial thing he though Clattenburg said, you may not threaten ANYONE, let alone a referee. Chelsea is run by a bunch of *****s.

    Also since when do police drop an investigation of threats? Is that for everyone? Can I go around threatening people at will now and just claim “Well I thought he said something racist so I threatened him.” No one looks good here.