Hall: I love going and playing in Seattle but Houston’s my home now


Prost Amerika: Disappointing in the end, I know you had high hopes this year.

Tally Hall: It was definitely a team that, going into the match, I was confident with. We know what the Galaxy are and that’s an extremely good team, but I looked at my team and I thought this is a team that can beat them even in their place. I still think we’re good enough, but on the day they score more goals than we do, and they lift the trophy, so it’s not that this team isn’t good enough. But hats off to Galaxy, they did it today.

Prost Amerika: There were obviously two penalty goals. You were beaten once by a superb header. Could there be any way you see that Omar could angle that so well?

Tally Hall: The header? Yeah I think it’s the smart place to head the ball. I’m coming from that area so it’s a little bit harder for me to dive over there but it’s a good header from a really, really good player. That’s a player that I think could see some national team minutes coming up so it was a good finish. I’d love to be able to save it, but it goes by me.

Prost Amerika: On the second penalty, was there contact?

Tally Hall: The second penalty, I hit it with my hand first, and there was definitely contact after that, but I felt like we were both going for it, I hit the ball away and we ran into each other. I don’t see that as a penalty, but the ref is obviously trying to do his best. I feel like he didn’t see everything in the play. He makes the decision and it is what it is. I’m not blaming the referee. I thought it was a–I just expected to play it on. As a goalkeeper I think we scored enough goals to win the game. I expected play to go on.

Prost Amerika: Looking at the bigger picture, you yourself have had actually two remarkable seasons and I have to ask that question but I hate to do it because everyone in Seattle mentions you as a future player there — are you quite happy in Houston?

Tally Hall: I love playing in Houston. It’s home now. I’ve got fond memories of my time in Seattle growing up. I love going and playing in Seattle and competing there. Even though the Seattle fans for the most part don’t want me to do well on the day, that’s fine. I enjoy going back there but Houston’s home, and I like it.

Prost Amerika: You talked before the game, there are some fine goalkeepers in the United States. And obviously like any American you’ve got ambitions. How does a goalkeeper rise up against the competition you have, to be the best amongst the pack?

Tally Hall: It’s tough. I haven’t trained with them, I haven’t been called, so it’s tough for me to rise above the pack with them. I’d love to duke it out with those guys in a friendly goalkeeper union way I guess but right now that’s not the situation presented to me so I keep working and focus on what’s best for the Dynamo and for myself and if the national team happens because of that, then I’ll be very happy. If the national team never happens for me, I never get called up, but I continue playing with the Dynamo and we continue to be successful, then I’ll look back with no regrets, and a big smile on my face.



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