California Dreaming. Buddle has mentally planned for glory


Edson Buddle may not be the Galaxy player most in the spotlight today or in the days leading up to the MLS Cup Final, but he is still as likely a match winner as any.

However, his temperament remained calm as he considered whether his preparation for the cup final differs in any way to that for a league game:

“I think there’s more at stake.

You don’t want to do anything different. I think you prepare the same way, but the intensity of the final is much different from any other game, so I can’t say it’s the same, but how you prepare has to be and you just want to rest as much as possible and execute the same things you’ve been doing all season.”

If the active preparation stays constant however, the mind cannot help but wander. Buddle had always dreamed of winning a championship and of how to react:

“Sometimes I dream about it, well … my whole life, so I haven’t decided which one. I have a lot of different things I’ve kept in mind since I was a little boy as to how to celebrate when I win a championship.”

So is there a goal celebration we haven’t seen yet? He became coy and words that said ‘maybe’, were accompanied by a look that said yes:

“Maybe. I haven’t finalized it yet. I’ve narrowed it down, so we’ll see.”

Robbie Keane has his now world famous back flips. As they say in show business, beat that!

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