Tally Hall: I hope there’s a little Seattle contingent cheering for the Houston Dynamo


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Goalkeepers are mostly effervescent chaps. Tally Hall showed just a little more than even his usual when he heard the word ‘Seattle’ bundled neatly into a request for an interview in the melee surrounding Houston Dynamo training.

So we asked our home town boy if he had any objection to the locals back in the Emerald City lending their support to his side for the day.

Tally Hall: If Sounders fans want to get behind the team; I’m sure they don’t want to see LA win anyway. I still talk to some guys over there, some friends, so I hope there’s a little Seattle contingent cheering for the Houston Dynamo. I got to imagine that no Seattle fan’s going to be cheering for LA no matter what?

Prost Amerika: A lot of friends and family coming down?

Tally Hall: My wife is from San Diego so its an easy trip up for a lot her family. My parents just happened to be down here anyway. They planned that a year ahead so it kind of worked out well that they can shoot up and visit us and see the game. I’ll have a decent little group coming to watch me.

Prost Amerika: I don’t know if you caught this yesterday but Pat Ianni won the MLS Goal of the Year award. Did you see the goal?

Tally Hall: I didn’t see it. We were pretty busy getting in but I got to play with Pat a little bit here and there. A great guy for him to win is super cool. No-one’s going into the season thinking Pat Ianni’s going to win goal of the year, so good for him. He’s a great guy so hat’s off.

Prost Amerika: Would you have saved it?

Tally Hall: I can’t remember the play but for his sake, let’s just say it’s unsaveable.

Prost Amerika: Whereas your colleagues might dream of winning this 5-0, is your dream to be the star of a penalty shoot out?

Tally Hall: Absolutely .. not. It;s a team effort. If I don;t have to face a single shot, that’s a good day at the office for me. That would be the way to do it, because it’s more important for the team effort than my effort. Hopefully if I am called upon to make a save then I can do that for the team. That’s my role. That’s my job. That’s my plan to be there for the team. I’m not looking to be the hero. Goalkeeper’s are always .. often the quiet one and I’l let the glory go to any of the other guys before it hits me.

Prost Amerika: On the subject of heroes, Nick Rimando has  got a lot of good press. For your money is he the best in the league?

Tally Hall: I think we got a pretty good group. He’s definitely made some huge saves, His performance against Seattle were definitely some of the best saves I’ve ever seen. I think Gspurning deserves to be up there. Dan Kennedy is – that guy makes five amazing saves a game for Chivas and just because the team didn’t do well, it’s easy to forget about him.

It’s a fun group of goalkeepers to watch. I’m excited about competing against these guys and watching them and cheering them on. Saunders as well has been huge for Galaxy coming in last year and obviously what he’s dome this year. I’ve met him off the field once or twice and he seems like a great guy.

It’s fun competing with these guys. There’s a lot of talent here.

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