Sounders Women to Continue Despite US Soccer Rejection


Photo: Denise McCooey

Ahead of the announcement of a new Womens Soccer League, Sounders Women have released a statement.

Their bid to join the new league, to be announced shortly, was rejected and they will continue to field a side in the W – League and play their home games at Starfire.

The acceptance of a bid from Bill Predmore into the professional league means that there will be two womens teams in Seattle.

Vancouver Whitecaps will remain in this league according to an informed source, creating the possibility of a Womens Cascadia Cup. It seems that the Paulson family is involved in the Portland bid.

Full Statement:

Sounders Women to Stay in W-League 

Seattle, WA.The Seattle Sounders Women will play the 2013 season in the United Soccer Leagues’ W-League. With the backdrop of the USL’s decision, a few weeks ago, to step away from involvement in operating a newly proposed women’s soccer league, the Seattle Sounders Women received word that the franchise proposal from the Sounders Women to U.S. Soccer was not accepted.

The Seattle Sounders Women are confident that our current league (USL, W-League) continues to provide a strong and sustainable platform for the Seattle Sounders Women to thrive. The W-League will represent the strongest and largest contingency of teams on the West Coast. We are excited to continue our rivalries with the prestigious organizations in the USL, W-League.

We cannot thank the Sounders fans enough for their support.  We want them to know that we will continue to provide them with quality in organization, game day presentation, and quality from the players wearing the Sounders crest.  We are still in great standing with our affiliation partners, the Seattle Sounders FC, and we will continue to uphold the rave green standards that our supporters know and trust.


“Congratulations to Bill with the new team and league.  Seattleis a fantastic market for soccer and the Seattle Sounders Women wish them the best in the upcoming inaugural season. With this new team and the Seattle Sounders women continued representation in the long established W-leagueSeattlesoccer fans will be blessed with the opportunity to attend many high level Women’s soccer matches.”

Statement from New Womens Franchise

New Womens League Launched


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  1. This is very bad news for the Sounders Women. They did very well attendance wise last year as a result of all the local US Nats on the team, but I suspect they will struggle heavily having to play second fiddle to getting players with the US Soccer Womens league now. Not to mention, the whole idea of two competing franchises in what’s proven to be one of the most dedicated soccer communities in the US is not the way to help Womens soccer grow.

  2. Existing MLS teams can’t act as if they have a divine right to have teams in any future womens pro league . . . but I would think that any such womens league needs the existing MLS teams more than they need it. For starters, they can piggyback on the existing marketing personnel at MLS teams. A separate group in Seattle isn’t a good idea, nor is it in any city where an MLS team already exists.

  3. I’m guessing the ballyhoo over the Open Cup’s secretive procedures and the like were held against the Sounders-supported bid. Why deal with the headaches those guys cause you when you can go with the other guy.

    I do not mean to imply that Sunil Gulati would hold a grudge, I’m stating it. Who appointed him king anyway? 🙂

    • Yes Max,

      It’s all a conspiracy against the Sounders who have done absolutely nothing wrong other than to repeatedly accuse everyone of conspiracies against them.

      • I wouldn’t put anything past the guy who was “amazingly” quiet over the whole Sepp Blatter affair just before the election. How did he get his job anyways?