Every Picture Tells a Story: Bright Green


It’s very easy being green for Bright Dike in USL/MLS and for Nigeria
Photos: David Jacobson (Portland Timbers)/Denise McCooey (Prost Amerika)/Denis Bancroft (Miami Marlins)

Bright Dike may have been in totally unfamiliar surroundings in Miami on Wednesday when he lined up with his new Nigerian colleagues for the match against Venezuela.

Miami is not a MLS Stadium many of his new teammates will have been new to him and this was, after all, his international debut.

However, one thing remained constant. The cut, designer, tint, number and collar may have changed but one thing that has been omni-present in his time as a USL Timber. MLS Timber and Nigerian international has been the colour green.

So by way of a gathered collection of photos of Dike in the various jerseys, we are launching a new variety of our award-neutral  ‘Every Picture Tells a Story‘ feature, by compiling three different photos of green jerseys into one with Dike as the male model.

Putting aside a loan spell at the unfortunately named (at least for this article) LA Blues, Dike has donned the same colour at all the pivotal stops in his career.

Dike was last seen at Miami airport inquiring about flights to Yeovil!


Ian Joy: Bright Dike had a very impressive performance. Not the last time we see him in a Nigeria shirt.

Dike Selected for Nigeria


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