Is this the best goal against England ever?

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Published on November 14, 2012 with 6 Comments

Obviously, from the viewpoint of the Glaswegian editor of Prost Amerika, any goal against England is fantastic but this one may be the best ever.


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  1. No , May 1971 George Best took the ball from a much better English goalkeeper Gordon Banks and made him look stupid Unfortunately the goal was disallowed wrongly but Joe Hart needs to stay in his area as he can’t head the ball.I’m not even from Glasgow.

    • I admire your attempt to claim the award on behalf of Northern Ireland but — that wasn’t actually a goal in the end. It should have been as the ball was clearly out of Banks’ hands.

      However, here’s a present for you and all Ulstermen reading, the moment itself:

  2. I was there, great memories. The Scots scored many great goals down the years against the auld enemy.I’m sure there must be at least one that would make the list.

    • That yin King Kenny stuck through Clemence’s legs?

  3. A great effort to finish off a great four bagger for Ibra! After coming back against Germany to draw 4-4; good to see a win over a half of England ressies and under 21s with some starters ;-)

    Glad to see the Scots get a mighty win over Luxembourg!!

    • Aye that’ll teach them to think of themselves as ‘former’ minnows of European fitba’.