Hanauer: A Perfect Day for Sure but “Two Good Wins” for the Week


You can discard the idea of a calm headed Sounders FC ownership thinking purely of the bottom line.

At our press box view at the Rio Tinto, we were yards away from the front of the executive suite containing the Sounders ownership and their friends.

Discretion prevents us repeating everything we heard, but it is fair to say that he gentlemen in that suite were not short of passion for the team and advice for the referee.

After the match, a visibly mentally exhausted Adrian Hanauer was drained enough to have forgotten one of the other passions in his life; his family’s philanthropic work for the arts and in particular this week, the political leanings that cause him to appear in the list of public donors to Democratic candidates.

After years of interviewing the philosophical deep thinking Adrian Hanauer, the chance to talk to a visibly emotional General Manager seemed an opportunity too good to miss.


Prost Amerika: A perfect week for you?

Adrian Hanauer: A perfect day for sure. I can’t think of what would have made it much better. Maybe a second goal or an earlier goal but I’m thrilled. I’m thrilled for all the fans, the coaches, the players. Everybody involved and it’s a nice feeling. Now we’ve got a lot of work to do in a couple of days.

Prost Amerika: I was actually hinting at Tuesday but you knew that didn’t you?

Adrian Hanauer: Oh! Oh right. No I didn’t. I’m a little bit slow right now. But yeah. Yeah. It was a good week. A couple of good wins.

Prost Amerika: The owners box was right behind us. There was a lot of encouragement coming from the box. Are you always like that during a match?

Adrian Hanauer: Yeah – for sure. Probably I was pretty well behaved given I had some friends together in that suite who I usually don’t stand or sit with so I .. It was actually one of my better performances. I’m less proud of this than how I normally behave in one of those games.

Prost Amerika: To make up for that thought, you must be much more proud of your team; they were immense today?

Adrian Hanauer: They battled all day long and there was one moment of brilliance.

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Two good wins for Hanauer this week!




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  1. The GM election for Sounders FC continues until Dec. 7th. Does this Victory secure another four years for Hanauer ?