Will Johnson: A special thank you to our fans who supported us throughout the year


Away from the jubilation and relief in the away locker room, there were some crestfallen faces in the home one. Will Johnson is never one to hide either on, or off the pitch, and he was prepared to talk to the microphone on a disappointing night like this, as he was in Seattle.

Prost Amerika: You guys gave your everything in that game. You left nothing out there. Describe how it was to give everything emotionally and physically and then concede a goal like that.

Will Johnson: It’s the playoffs, special play. You kind of take your hat off to them. They were able to make the special play and we weren’t, and that’s what the playoffs are about.

You have two very good teams, evenly matched over the years. It’s hard right now to really put it into words.

We weren’t as sharp as we should have been and we had some chances, but we couldn’t make that one special play, and they could, so they move on.

Prost Amerika: You were playing some great football but you couldn’t as you say make one special play. Is it likely there’s going to be some personnel additions up front?

Will Johnson: Yeah, I don’t know if it’s just the guys up front. I think we all need to take it forward a little more and be a little better in the attacking third. We were snatching at it a little bit, getting a little bit anxious I think, but we were playing some good stuff and we were moving the ball around, doing what we do. We just couldn’t find that final product on the stretch here so that’s disappointing, but we really believe in the way that we play and we’ll find ways to get goals again next year. It’s just a shame that the goals dried up at the wrong time.

Prost Amerika: It’s a very disappointing end to the season for the players and the fans. Do you have a message for the supporters?

Will Johnson: Our supporters, like Seattle’s, are fantastic. They have our back no matter what, and if any of them read, this a special thank you to our fans who supported us throughout the year. This is one of the top five–easily–well-supported clubs I think attendance wise and we appreciate it . The league is growing and the fan bases are incredible around the league. It’s really fun to be a part of this league and part of this club.

Prost Amerika: Will you be watching the rest of the tournament?

Will Johnson: No. I don’t care. Good luck to Seattle, but I won’t watch.

Prost Amerika: Take some time off and recoup?

Will Johnson: Yeah, yet away from the game–you’ve got to try and get your head back mentally and get ready for another grind next year. These seasons are getting longer and the off seasons are getting shorter, so we just have to take a break, get away from the game for  a little bit and let the teams that have advanced do their thing and wish them well

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  1. A good game, but it hurt. Love all the boys no matter what. Especially Johnson, My number two guy (second to only WIngert). Met him before I ever went to my first game and he was very nice. Then to see him running around like the energizer bunny on speed with alll the anger endeared him to me and friends forever. We’ll all be back in our seats next year cheering them on. No championship but no love lost. Somewhat depressing because it feels like the end of an era, but we will see. Fan for life.