Marc Burch: Everybody fought as hard as they could


Marc Burch has won, lost and regained the coach’s favour as the starting left back for Sounders FC. With his main competition injured, he has stepped in and like every other defender contributed mightily to the combined three hours of clean sheet resistance.

Marc Burch watches on as Gspurning once more gathers cleanly

He spoke to Prost Amerika shortly after the final whistle in Salt Lake City.

Prost Amerika: Can you describe your emotions at the final whistle?

Marc Burch: It’s amazing. You do something like that, you get over the hump that this team has been trying to get over, it’s really amazing.

I think everybody worked hard, everybody fought as hard as they could. I know people were cramping, people were out of breath, but did what they could to just figure out a way to get the win.

Prost Amerika: Has your mind yet managed to go to the idea that you might be having a showdown with your ex team in the final?

Marc Burch: A little bit.

When I heard they had won I kind of thought maybe — it’d be exciting. I’d rather us be at home, playing against Houston, but it would be exciting to play there. They’re looking good in the playoffs, they were looking good through the end of the year, so it’d be a good match up if they end up beating Houston.

Prost Amerika: You’re a guy that generally likes to go forward for a full back. Not much opportunity today. Does that frustrate you or do you just knuckle down and get on with it?

Marc Burch: No, not at all. Today was just about getting the win. It’s two zeros in a row against one of the best attacking teams in MLS. So I think for us to do that is pretty impressive.

Prost Amerika: Of course Sounders have now gotten past this hurdle for the first time with you in it. Is there a feeling that the new guys like yourself can take this team to even greater heights?

Marc Burch: I hope so. I hope we filled in the spots that they left last year, and I think obviously Mike’s done an amazing job and Adam’s done a great job, Eddie. From top to bottom, Mario, what a goal tonight. I think everybody’s added something throughout the year and we’re happy to get through.

Prost Amerika: Keane and Donovan next. How do you look forward to that challenge?

Marc Burch: It was a fun exciting game when we played them last time but hopefully we can let them have less chances and hopefully we can score some.

Prost Amerika: Has this so far been the highlight of your career or is there more to come?

Marc Burch: Absolutely as of right now. But we play Sunday, so I’m excited to move forward. Hopefully we can get to the MLS Cup. That’s what I’m looking forward to.

This interview was conducted before evidence of an incident also involving RSL’s Will Johnson were known to the interviewer.

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