For the Man Born on New Year’s Day, a World in White gets Underway


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Amid the media attention focused on Scotland international Barry Robson, Gershon Koffie and the impressive newcomer Jun Marques Davidson, one Englishman has quietly picked up the slack in the Whitecaps midfield.

Matt Watson was another of Martin Rennie’s charges at the Carolina RailHawks. Born on New Years Day 1985, he is listed a six foot straight and exactly 180 pounds, and is therefore the most statistically symmetrical player in MLS.

Given that, it is not surprising he has had exactly ten starts. He is just as particular about his diet. There is no dairy and no meat as Christopher Vose, making his debut as a Prost Amerika interviewer, found out.

Christopher Vose: Last year, you were in the North American Soccer League, can you tell us about the jump to Major League Soccer?

Matt Watson: It’s been a bit of a big step up, you know at first, maybe I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been, but I think in the long run being here is better for me personally. I think the level is just more, the players are smarter, they think faster, and you kind of have to adjust for that. Everyone’s a bit more physical, and you have to adjust to that too. I think I’ve done pretty well, and adjusted well.

CV: As a professional athlete, what kind of a diet do you have?

MW: I have a vegan diet; it’s a lot of vegetables, no dairy, and no meat. For me personally that’s good because I used to have a bad diet, used to eat too much fast food, stuff like that, as goes to your previous question, in making the jump up I wanted to give myself the best chance.

CV: Having played for Martin Rennie here and in NASL, can you give us any insight into the gaffer?

MW: He’s a very positive guy. He focuses a lot on the mental side of the game, which is something I think most coaches take for granted. He’s been successful everywhere he’s been, and hopefully he can bring that here.

CV: The Whitecaps have only lost one match when you were in the lineup, what does that mean to you?

MW: It means a lot to me. I work hard for the guys and hopefully they appreciate that but every time I go on the field it’s a team effort, I’m sure all the other guys had worked hard as well.

CV: You’ve played in the playoffs before, how did the buzz around the club compare to what you’re experiencing now?

MW: Not to be disrespectful but the buzz here is a lot bigger, we have a lot bigger fan base, and I think there’s a little bit more pressure on us to go and perform.

CV: Do you have any message for the fans, both at home, and those who will be joining you in Los Angeles?

MW: Thank you for your support and we’ll do our best for you.

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