Rimando: It’d be cool to have a US qualifier at Rio Tinto


Rimando Clears under pressure from Fredy Montero

RSL keeper Nick Rimando shared a plane ride back from Kansas City with team mate Kyle Beckerman and Sounders Eddie Johnson.

He didn’t see any action but enjoyed the experience nevertheless. He talked to Liviu Bird about that and getting on twitter.

Prost Amerika:   Any general thoughts you want to throw out there on your national team experience?

Nick Rimando:  Always a good experience. Our goalkeeper coach and the players that are in make us work hard. You train with I think one of the best goalkeepers in the world. We’re fortunate to have him represent our country. To go in there and see his form, and to battle and push him is great, and to be recognized as one of the top three goalkeepers in the U.S. is an honor.

Prost Amerika:   You weren’t feeling the effects of travel at all tonight?

Nick Rimando:  No. Actually, (I was) kind of buzzing. You go into camp, and you don’t play, you don’t get in a match because there’s a guy named Timmy Howard in front of you. You want to get in a match, and you’re excited to go. That’s exactly what happened tonight; I was ready to go and get on that field and just play.

Prost Amerika:   You, Kyle Beckerman and Eddie Johnson all shared the plane on the ride back. What was that like?

Nick Rimando:  It was cool. I think we were just kind of itching to get home, get back here. It was a great gesture from the club to get us on the plane to come back for an important game. It was a cool vibe. It was my first time on a private jet. I think everyone kind of took it in at once, and once we got in the air, it was, ‘Let’s just get to Seattle.’

Prost Amerika:   You’ve been active on Twitter and Instagram recently, especially with the national team. How do you see that as a tool to interact with fans?

Nick Rimando:  It’s cool. I think we’re approachable players. I think it’s a great tool to kind of reach out to the fans and let them know what our daily life is. We have a lot of fans now. Soccer’s grown in this country, and it’s just a tool to kind of bring the fans along with us on the journey. I think it’s great when they reach out to us and feel a part of it.

Prost Amerika:   For the rest of qualifying, do you think you’ll be in the mix again?

Nick Rimando:  I hope so. I think you never know. The door is always open. You’ve got to continue to play and do well with your club, and as long as I’m doing well with them, I’d love to be a part of the mix. It’s going to definitely be harder. They’re going to expect more from us because it’s do or die now, and there’s some quality teams that are going to be in the next round. The training camps, everything is going to be more intense. You’ve just got to be ready for it because the door is always open.

Prost Amerika:   Is there any place you’re looking forward to playing in particular?

Nick Rimando:   No, I just want to play. I just want to contribute as much as I can and do my part as a teammate. It would be nice to play at Rio Tinto. That would be cool, to have a qualifier there, but who knows? As long as I’m a part of it, I’m going to be happy.

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