Germany Lose Four Goal Lead to Tie Sweden


Sweden made amazing comeback against Germany in Berlin. They were 4-0 down in 56 minutes after Miroslav Klose scored twice to go just one international goal behind Gerd Muller’s German record of 68.

Photo: Denise McCooey

However, goals from  Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Carl Lustig,  Johan Elmander and Rasmus Elm in the last 28 minutes grabbed the Swedes an amazing draw.

Per Mertesacker and Mehmet Özil had put Germany 4-0 up after Klose’s early brace.

Neither MLS player Sounders Adam Johansson or LA Galaxy’s Chrstian Wilhelmsson were involved.

Heavy rain in Warsaw has led to the postponement of  the Poland v England match in World Cup qualifying. Although the stadium has a roof, it hadn’t been closed.

A Polish FA spokesman told the BBC

“We knew there would be heavy rain but we could not 100% predict the downpour. We will have a pitch inspection to decide whether we postpone the game by an hour, to tomorrow or to whenever. At the moment it is not possible to close the roof because of the heavy rain and the wind. It might be possible.

“There is no need for people to be our working on the pitch. We have a heating system which, if we close the roof, can dry the pitch in 30 minutes. I know this situation is not very nice, but please wait until the inspection.”

There is now a further debate about the timing of the match. England are willing to play tomorrow but Poland are not. England won that debate and the game will be played tomorrow.

Later the Stadium owners released a statement:

“There is a functioning drainage system but with this amount of rain falling continuously no system could get rid of this amount of water. Roof closure takes 15 mins “but cannot happen in temperatures under zero centigrade, very strong winds or when rainfall is deposited on it. Staff apparently now on “red alert” to get the pitch ready for tomorrow. General air of embarrassment and bemusement.”

Spain played France in a battle of two giants with 100% records in Madrid. SPain led for much of the game until Arsenal’s Olivier Giroux headed an equaliser after more than three minutes of stoppage time.

It was the first time Spain had dropped home points for five years. They meet in France in March 26th.

Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Irish Republic, Bosnia and Israel recorded early wins.

Joining them are now Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Albania, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Greece and Austria on a day where only three matches from 23 were drawn.

In the last remaining match, Portugal suffered their second disappointing result in a week drawing 1-1 with Northern Ireland in Cristiano Ronaldo’s 100th international. Portugal lost on Friday 1-0 in Russia.

Amazingly only two sides, Russia and the Netherlands, still retain 100% records so early in the qualification process.

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