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Today’s news that Justin Braun had signed for Real Salt Lake had hilarity written all over it.

This shows the danger of allowing families into soccer

This shows the danger of allowing families into soccer

Real Salt Lake fans might not know too much about Braun as a player, but their fans, especially at the South End of their stadium, do know something about Braun’s family.

On July 24th 2010, RSL met Braun’s ChivasUSA at the Rio Tinto.

The match finished in a 1-1 draw with Ned Grabavoy opening the scoring before Jesus Padilla equalised.

There to support the Goats on the road was one special female fan who, according to witnesses, had enjoyed some of Utah’s finest ‘distilled products’ prior to the match.

It’s a difficult ground to navigate and she ended up at the wrong end, disoriented (again according to eye witnesses), and proudly wearing her red and white Chivas top.

After a viciously aimed ball of confetti hit her, she was said to have been unable to contain her discontent and started to remonstrate with the RSL fans around her.

It was then that the identity of the lady started to become apparent. She was the mother of Chivas forward Justin Braun. Actually, you can now make that …. Real Salt Lake forward Justin Braun.

To avoid further disruption to Mrs Braun’s enjoyment of the game, she was politely escorted, with both feet off the ground, out of the South End.

Video of Mrs Braun being ‘escorted’ away

The incident became an instant cult classic with some RSL fans that Justin Braun’s mum became an appropriate costume at a Halloween Party in Salt Lake.

Braun came to RSL after being acquired by Montreal on Nov. 23, 2011, in a trade that sent him and midfielder Gerson Mayen from Chivas USA to Montreal in exchange for Sounders defender James Riley. He played in just 12 of Montreal’s 20 games and registered a lone assist before joining RSL.

This incident clearly shows the danger of allowing soccer to become a sport where families are welcome over young males aged 17-35 who would never dream of causing such a scene.

As far as we know, there was no stadium ban for Mrs Braun and she will be welcomed back to support her son. It’s a good job she didn’t do it in Colorado.

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  1. wait wait wait… the land of three two beer has local ‘distilled products’ with a high enough alcohol content to leave someone confused and disoriented i don’t believe it 🙂