Kosuke Kimura: ‘We have the talent, but we just need something clicking’


(Photo: Allison Andrews)

Portland Timbers defender Kosuke Kimura, just signed from the Colorado Rapids, experienced his first match at Rio Tinto Stadium against Real Salt Lake in his new team’s colors on Saturday. It was familiar territory for the Japanese international, who caught up with Prost Amerika after the game.

Prost Amerika: Regardless of the performance result, what was it like to make your debut for a new club?
Kosuke Kimura: Definitely I’d hoped I’d have a home game debut, but I knew it was going to be tough. I always played against Salt Lake and they’re really good at home. They know how to play with each other. It’s their home ground. They know we are going to try to defend and they are going to be patient. It was a little tough for me. I have to know the tendency of players within my team, my teammates. I have to talk to them a bit more, I have to get to know my teammates more. It’s not just the – everybody’s a good player, but still we have to know more. Especially we have to know the tendency of the players. It was tough for me to adjust for sure. Here and there I tried to find out, but definitely you can’t do that in 90 minutes, the game goes so fast, and it’s so tough. But we’ve got a bunch of good guys, good players. All we’ve got to do is get a result away. I know everyone’s doing well at home, so we need to get points in an away game.

Prost Amerika: What did you know about the team before you arrived?
Kosuke Kimura: Definitely I knew they have great fans, a great organization. I knew a bunch of the guys, I’ve played against them. They have good players, and young players. We have the talent, but we just need something clicking. I figure we’re going to get there. We still have half a season left, starting from next week’s home game.

Prost Amerika: You’ve now got 90 minutes of evidence, that you’ve now seen the team at first hand. Will you yourself be running through things your head as observations you might have made about what’s in front of you?
Kosuke Kimura: Definitely. I’ve been trying to do that but it’s tough. I got here two days ago and tried to adjust to everything. It’s been a tough two days but you can’t stay there– time just goes so fast and you have to get going. If you look ahead and the season left, we still have several home games left and we need to make sure we win those home games, and now we just need a couple results, and we can get in a playoff place and that’s it. We then create the moment and go in.

Prost Amerika: The last three days of your life I assume have been pretty crazy in terms of moving, etc. When do you finally get to sit down and assess how your career has changed in the last week?
Kosuke Kimura: It’s been going on for a while. That’s why I didn’t play for the Rapids for two weeks. I knew it was coming. I had to be prepared for it, but I didn’t know it was going to be that quick, and it’s still tough for me to swallow … but I’ve got to get going, just like I said. Time doesn’t stop, so I‘ve got to get going meet new teammates and then we’ve got to get a result. That’s it.


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