Javier Morales interview: I’m getting better every game. I’ll be the same


The big question that has been the gorilla in Real Salt Lake’s bar room corner conversations has been whether Javier Morales can return from injury as dominant an influence as before.

During Wednesday’s match against a cluttered and effective Sounders midfield, he struggled. The questions continued. Against Portland, he answered them. Then he answered some of ours.

Prost Amerika: You really seemed to be enjoying your football out there today?

Javier Morales: Yeah, yeah, yeah, because it’s good that sometimes the soccer wins, the best soccer wins. The last couple games at home the other team come to sit down, to wait, just to get a result. We always try to play good soccer and today’s a big night for us because we win, on playing good soccer.

Prost Amerika: There were touches of the old Javier flair back today, some fancy touches, some style. Has today been a big boost for your confidence?

Javier Morales: Yeah, I’m getting better every game. I had a couple injuries in a couple months, so now I’m just working hard to get fit for every game. So today I felt very good, like the last two games at home I felt good, and today better than ever.

Prost Amerika: You have a lot more young players around you, and does their vivacity and their joy for playing help you?

Javier Morales: Yeah, it’s better because they have the energy, they have the speed. When they make a run or make a good pass or good place, it’s good for me because they help us a lot.

Prost Amerika: Some Salt Lake fans are worried that Javier will never be the same player again. Can you now assure them the old Javier is back and is staying?

Javier Morales: I’m always the same. You can play better or bad, but I’m always going to be the same.

Prost Amerika: You’re back on the winning run. San Jose are coming up. Is there a confidence that this team is through the worst and can win this league?

Javier Morales: Yes, we want to try, we want to try the whole league and we have a big chance next Saturday in San Jose, so we’re going to do it.

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