Jason Kreis: ‘We’ll put a tremendous amount of emphasis on CONCACAF’


Jason Kreis’ team will follow him anywhere, from a harmless cool-down lap at training to the bowels of spirited CONCACAF stadiums all over the region. (Photo: Julie Harper/Prost Amerika)

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Real Salt Lake coach Jason Kreis is a media favorite because he always gives straight answers in interviews. He’s always willing to talk, more so than most coaches in the league.

So when Prost Amerika was late getting to the Real Salt Lake locker room after Wednesday’s game against Seattle Sounders FC — we wanted to get in the away locker room first — he could have easily blown us off.

Instead, he took some time to talk to us, and we had an interesting conversation with the RSL head man where he spelled out his team’s priorities for the rest of the season.

You ended a losing streak tonight, but do you think you could have done more, especially after a good first half?
“Yeah. We have a mentality at home that we get three points here, and nothing less is acceptable, so we can’t feel great about drawing, but we can take some positives out of getting a shutout and finally not losing. We have another game on Saturday, and we’ll try to build on the performance tonight — hopefully get all three (points) Saturday.”

There were some fairly impressive debuts in the back line.
“We were pleased with (Kenny) Mansally and (Kwame) Watson-Siriboe. I thought they both had pretty strong performances. Not perfect, and there will be a little bit of stuff to review, but certainly pretty pleased to put them in unfamiliar territory pretty quickly after they’ve gotten here. I think both of them had good showings.”

What did you think of Luis Gil’s performance?
“He’s a player that’s continuing to learn and grow and develop, and we’re going to try to get him to reach his potential. I thought it was a good game, but I still think he can do more.”

Does the fact that San Jose lost make this a slightly better result?
“It would have been just massive if we could have gotten all three points. We play at San Jose next weekend, and I would just love to be able to flip-flop them (in the standings), so three points would have gone a long way to putting us in that position. But we’ll see what happens on the weekend. We’ll take care of our business and see if we can’t be in that position that we want to be in.”

What’s the team’s main goal this season: Supporters Shield, top three? What’s at the top of your mind?
“The top of our mind, actually, is CONCACAF. Right now, we’ve put ourselves in a pretty good position that we feel fairly comfortable that we should be able to make the playoffs, so we’ll put a tremendous amount of emphasis on CONCACAF and advancing in that tournament. … We want to make sure we’re in a good enough position in the playoffs that we can at least have the first round be at home, so that will still be an objective as well.”

Is there any likelihood of new blood coming in during the transfer window?
“I think it’s a long shot. I think for us, we feel very good about the players we have. We’ve made large commitments to a lot of those guys that have been here now multiple years, so the way we would ever be able to have any money to spend is if we were to get rid of one of our major contributors, and I don’t think that we’re in that game right now.”


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  1. Best coach in the league right there. He will coach RSL back to the Champions final.