Burch: I have no doubt we were the better team


Marc Burch sat in the locker room in Portland a very disappointed man. But as he explained, it was more than the defeat in Portland that was on his mind. It was the broader view of the current difficult spell and how to end it.

Burch thought his side were the better of the two
Photo: Mike Russell/Prost Amerika

Prost Amerika: You were clearly all very disappointed at the full time whistle, how bad does this feel, to lose the derby game?

Marc Burch: It’s not just the derby games, it’s the last seven results. We haven’t won and it’s getting frustrating. We have fallen behind too many times and had to work back.

I have no doubt we were the better team, more menacing than they were, but, you know, they got two goals and we lost.

Prost Amerika: Does that frustration maybe account for some of the things that are going on in stoppage time?

Marc Burch: Oh definitely, I mean, people are going to get frustrated and when you get frustrated you do stupid things. We need to keep cooler heads and make sure that the team is the most important thing because I think when you do things like that it takes away from the team. Not just for this game but for next game and it’s happened three games in a row now. They are not all definitely reds, but you know if you get someone off the ball it’s a red card and now we don’t have him for the next game. It’s frustrating to lose him.

Prost Amerika: Is there a feeling that just one or two of these key players coming back from injury might just turn the key here or is there something else?

Marc Burch: Yea, I hope so. It’s not just that. It’s definitely not just the injuries, we have the players to win, we have had the players to win every game but we have to do it, we got to be on the field. I don’t think they created two goals off incredible plays.

One was a free kick, that’s pretty much the only thing they are known for doing really well and they did it. And the other one was just, you know, missing a mark. You can’t let someone be that open in the box. So I don’t think they were incredible. You know, I thought they had a little more fight than us in the first 45, but…I thought we brought it in the second half. And we still had chances in the first half. It definitely wasn’t a 2-1 game then.

Prost Amerika: Sigi mentioned that there were some communication issues earlier, how are things at the back with communication?

Marc Burch: I think they are all right. I mean I don’t think it was communication on the goals. I don’t think there was much communication wrong on any of the plays either. A guy slipped behind Jhon and its loud here. Even if I scream for him, he probably isn’t going to hear. But that’s not a play I need to let him know what was going on. He knows where his man was and he thought he was offsides but he wasn’t. You know, it’s not bad communication I think everybody’s doing fine.

Prost Amerika: Is there any advantage that you can get back out on the field very very quickly and put this one behind you?

Marc Burch: Yeah I hope so. It’s the open cup and you know it’s definitely really important to this club and this team and getting wins is important so we need to get a winning mentality and hopefully I can start on Tuesday and we can carry it to New England.

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  1. Crunch Crunch on

    Marc Burch is an idiot. If they were the better team they wouldn’t have spent the week leading up to the game talking a bunch of lacker room trash. They don’t have the heads to advance.

    • Brad,

      I think you have to read the whole interview. When you do, there is a solid recognition of the club’s fallibility at the moment. Burch was far from arrogant when I spoke to him. Despondent and clutching at straws maybe, but not arrogant.

      • I read the whole interview – if the whole interview is what you have posted. Agree that he mainly talks about the streak and how they’re struggling as a team. That said, I highly doubt that anybody that was at JWF thought the Sounders were the better team over the entire game. Menacing? More like apathetic. Was expecting WAY more from them. Looking forward to Seattle away. Cheers.

        • I posted it all. Regarding who was better, you could make a case either way. Portland’s case, you seem to know. But there is a case if you chuck in a few stats, and look at the last 60 minutes to back Burch. Not sure I myself agree with him, but there is a buildable case.

  2. Spicy McHaggis on

    Hurtado has a habit of putting his hand up and STOPPING, like he did on Sunday, letting Boyd just nearly walk a goal in. How many times does he have to do that before he learns THE CALL IS NEVER COMING JHON DO YOUR BLOODY JOB, MARK YOUR MAN!!!!

    Editor – I have to agree with Brad. Burch’s assertion that the Sounders were the better team on the pitch that day is ludicrous. If the side that showed up for the Sporks on Wednesday, had showed up at JeldWen on Sunday, the outcome would have been much different, but they didn’t. They were sluggish, seemingly non-communicative (he plays at RBP and cites noise as a problem?), absent minded and in some instances unbelievably selfish. They had nothing as a side. We deserved to lose worse than we did.

    The magic will return, hopefully sooner than later.


    • Never need to apologise for disagreeing. We love debate on here. And I am not always right unless I specifically tell you I am!

      I’m not so much a stats guy but here are some to back Burch’s assertion. Certainly, you cannot say Portland were ‘unarguably’ the better side, in the face of all these:

      Shots: Seattle 15 – 13 Portland

      Shots on goal: Seattle 6 – 3 Portland

      Corners: Seattle 8 – 5 Portland

      Open Play Crosses: Seattle 25 – 13 Portland

      Possession: Seattle 55.9% – 44.1% Portland

      • Jim Joe Jack Joe on

        You forgot a stat

        Goals: Seattle 1 — 2 Portland

        Which is, in the end, the only stat that matters coming out any game.

        • Idiotic comment. If you don’t have the capacity to understand or the will to participate in post game analysis with knowledgeable fans from both sides, then at least refrain from exhibiting it.

  3. Seattle was the more dominant team in terms of stats, but Portland was definitely the better team. When you can score two goals off of two shots in the first 25 minutes it makes you the better team 90% of the time.
    This is all past and it is time for the OPEN CUP !!!!
    What will the line up be on one days rest?