Megan Manthey Column: We are more than excited about the support we are receiving from the community

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Published on June 08, 2012 with 1 Comment

Sounders Women Found Many Ways to Greet Megan's Moment of History / Photo: Denise McCooey

With close friends and family standing on the sidelines I wrote a small piece of history with the first goal for the Sounders Women under their new ownership. Thanks to the work put in by all my teammates and the organization by the coaches, we were able to pull off a win for the first game.

To give a shout-out to all who came and supported the Women Sounders and myself would take too long, but an expression of gratitude is being sent out nonetheless.

It has been a very long pre-season journey.

Returning to the American game, learning about my new teammates, fitting in with the style of play and finding my niche on the team hasn’t been as smooth as I would have liked, but I know that the trials I have encountered set me up beautifully for success in our opening match against the Whitecaps.

Megan arrives in Vancouver for the game / Denise McCooey

I found my touch with the ball, gained some confidence, and made up my mind that I was going to prove why I should be on the field.

And he end result made it worthwhile: being selected for the starting 11, performing well, and capping it off with the first goal for the regular season.

At the end of the game I was elated to have scored.

That is my job on the field and I did it. It relieved a lot of pressure I had been feeling about the need to show what I was capable of doing as a player.

I loved celebrating the first Women Sounders victory with my teammates at the end of the game and know we have all taken a lot away from the experience.

It is only one goal in one game, an important one, but there is a much bigger picture to focus on.

We have so many games is such a short period of time that we need to focus on how to grow as a group to create the best results possible.

We are now 4-0-0 in the season and are looking forward to a rematch tonight against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

I have noticed some very impressive improvements on the field as a group and every player has shown that they are committed and willing to do their part to make this season successful.

We are more than excited about the support we are receiving from the community in the form of game attendance and hype around the team.

Megan has been delighted with the support

For us, it makes stepping out onto the field that much more enjoyable.

We are here to make a statement about women’s soccer, not only in Western Washington, but across the country.

If we are able to do this then we know we have done our job.

Hopefully we will have inspired the younger girls and boys attending the games to go out and work a little harder at practice, to set goals for themselves, and to do all they can to reach them.

Here is to a continued week and season of success all for the love of the game and the promotion of women’s soccer across the country!

Sounders Women Play Tonight at Starfire against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Kick off  is 7pm.

Photo Gallery of that first match in Vancouver (opens in new window)

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  1. Who put the ball in the Whitecaps net? THE DANE! THE DANE!!!!

    Let’s sing that again tonight!!! …Maybe two or three times

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