Nick Rimando: Nothing to do? It’s my perfect game!

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 Nick Rimando always seems to be in a good mood in the Seattle locker room. On Saturday, he had even more reason to be happy.

Rimando hands it to his colleagues/ Photo: Brandon Bleek

Prost Amerika: Last time you came here in regular season you saved one with your face. This time not a single shot on target?

Nick Rimando: My perfect game. It’s my perfect game. It just shows how organised we are, how disciplined we are. How fit we were today. When I don’t have to make a save, it’s my perfect game. Credit to the guys in front of me.

Prost Amerika: After the Chicago match, the coach said it wasn’t up to the away team to score a goal, it’s up to the home team.

Nick Rimando: Right.

Prost Amerika: It makes a big difference though to that belief, if you go up the other end and score one?

Nick Rimando: Yes. We have special players on our team. When they get free, they put those balls away.

We got the second ball, a nice ball over the top by Luis, and Fabian finished it. It takes a little bit of the pressure off us.  But – again, we stayed disciplined and pressured the ball. They really didn’t have anything against us.

Prost Amerika: How does the absence of Javier change the game plan for a side like RSL?

Nick Rimando: We don’t really miss a tick. Javier is a great player for us. But Luis goes in there and tries his best and works his young little butt off. So we miss Javier but everybody knows the system here. Everybody knows how to work and defend and that’s the key to our offence. It’s how well we defend as a team.

Prost Amerika: Although you’re not regional rivals with Seattle, there is a rivalry on the pitch?

Nick Rimando: Yeah, there’s a little one, yeah. Whenever you play a team like Seattle that’s proven to be one of the best  teams in the league, it’s always a good game and a good rivalry. We enjoy coming here and playing. The atmosphere is fantastic and whenever we play them it seems like it’s a really good game.

Prost Amerika: Would you foresee yourselves and Seattle being at the top of this Conference at the end of the season?

Nick Rimando: I hope so. It’s still a young season but if they continue to play the way they are and we continue to play the way we are, there’s no reason why we can’t be at the top.

Prost Amerika: At what point in the season will you stop worrying about the Galaxy results?

Nick Rimando: I’m not even really paying attention to them. I’m paying attention to us. (laughs) I think that’s your guy’s job to pay attention to them.

Prost Amerika: Are you surprised at San Jose?

Nick Rimando: Umm.. No. When you have a guy like Chris Wondolowski, and Frank (Yallop) there. He’s going to turn that program around. He’s done great with it. They came out of the gates quick . Now, if they can continue to play the way they are playing ..yeah. it’s a big surprise around the whole league but yes, they have some special players.

Rimando has a cobalt wall in front of him. His name is Jamison Olave/ Photo: Denise McCooey

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