RSL rookie Velasquez hair style update



By Ethan Gomberg, Prost Amerika

Sebastian Velasquez (Sebas), RSL’s last pick in the 2012 SuperDraft came into preseason camp with, lets just say, an interesting hair style.
Apparently it wasn’t impressing veterans on Real Salt Lake’s core roster.

When announcing his new do he said on Twitter:

“This is what happens the veterans get a hold of the rookies!! :p Still have the rattail tho!! Def a plus”

After (photo from Twitter)

Former RSL star and now scout Andy Williams then responded with:

“Nice to see that I still have influence sorry buddy”


“its al good my man!! At the end of the day it’s all fun and laughs :)”
“Its Gonna Be Even Crazier Next Time ;)”

When asked what happened, he replied:

“Jajaja Yea Morales and Olave Shaved My Head But I Got To Keep My Rattail :)”

Two things to learn from this:
1) Andy Williams has influence on the team and maybe even suggested to the players that they do this.
2) Velasquez and other rookies may learn to not bring wild dos to RSL. Also I think it’s great how Velasquez took it all in stride.
Oh and as every RSL fan already knows, when Olave says no, he means no.

RSL continues its preseason in Arizona.


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