Once a Cascadian – Ian Joy on Jurgen’s Reign

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Published on September 06, 2011 with 3 Comments

US Soccer and the Future – Ian Joy

We’ve  had a couple of games under the new Jurgen Klinsmann ERA and I have to  admit I’m not surprised to see the US soccer world getting slightly  frustrated.

To them I say … “HOLD ON A MINUTE”

I really like what I see from Jurgen  and his new approach to the future of US soccer.

As  a US soccer fan I also want to see the National team play beautiful  soccer and beat the best teams in the world but lets face it we have  been an average at best National team since the 2002 World Cup and  have been getting worse year for year.

The young players coming into the team have  not taken the team to the next level. Now the only way forward is to  start from scratch and that is what I believe Jurgen has wanted ever  since he was approached from US  Soccer Federation.

In Germany everything is  focused solely on youth and building from the bottom upwards. I noticed  that from my time there.

Jurgen went through this and now I think were  all going to be going through this together as he puts his plan for US  soccer to take over the world into action.

Please  understand that these views are simply my own personal views and some  people may take offense to what I think should happen. No offense is  intended.

This country needs to weed out out  all of the useless coaches in youth soccer who are only in it for the  money and replace them with people who have the experience in soccer or  the passion to produce and provide what these kids so desperately want. A  chance to emulate their heros!

Gone are the days where kids grow up  and play soccer as a past time while their families take a time out. Our  kids want to play  soccer, They want to learn, They want to be the next Landon Donovan or  Clint Dempsey. What a future we have if we do it the right way.

There is  no room for error and we’ve heard it all before “US soccer will need  about 10 years to win the world cup”. My answer is why not??? We have the  kids and resources to make it happen.

MLS has  being going for long enough now for the guys who have played in the  league to be asked to give back to the youth generation of America.

Playing  soccer professionally is not just a job, it is a lifestyle and there  should be no greater pleasure than giving back all you have learnt to  try and produce the next generation of talent in this country and  providing the fantastic fans what they so desperately deserve.

Scot Thompson took up coaching upon his retirement

There  is no shortage of talent in the US and we all are responsible for  finding it and bringing it to the forefront. Providing that talent with  the opportunity they  need and want instead of simply taking money off their families and  putting it in their own pockets.

Our future requires Soccer Academies  all over Major League Soccer which we see more and more each year. It’s impressive to see what the owners of Major League Soccer have  already achieved. We see where they want to go and all support it.

Nothing  gives me more pleasure than to see former players like Scot “One T”  Thompson from the Portland Timbers working his socks of day after day  sharing his life experiences as a soccer player with all of the young  kids in Portland or Alecko Eskandarian (@alecko11) as young as he is being  installed as youth technical director of the Philadelphia Union.

What a  great way to set an example to other players and former players of MLS.  These guys have dedicated their lives and future into making this  country better at the youth soccer level and kids will only get better  and better under  their guidance.

In the end the question will  be how much time will Jurgen have at the helm of US soccer and I really  hope they will stick by him for a long time.

However this is a results  business and if we don’t see the results on the field the Federation may  not be patient enough to see what’s hopefully coming in the future and  that is where we all come in, us, the fans of soccer in this country.

We all  have a responsibility to provide our children the best possible  opportunity to become professional soccer players by putting them into  the right soccer schools learning from the right people.

One day we will all celebrate together our soccer success!

On a sad note, I would like to send my condolences to Bobby Rhine’s family on their loss of a great man whose passion for the game was there for all of us to see.

He may be gone but he will never be forgotten as his legacy as a Dallas soccer legend will live on forever more.

- Ian Joy


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  1. I’m with you – lets give tghe new coach some time.

  2. The most important thing for all of us to remember is that results don’t matter until the CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying “Hexagon” starts and the US begins its qualification. Until then, I fully support Jürgen’s experimenting and bringing in fresh faces who might fit his gameplan. Right now we need to be less interested in team results than individual and pair performances. Seems like the mainstream soccer channels like ESPN and SI were quick to report that we started off the Klinsmann Era 0-1-2, expecting we’d go 3-0-0 instead.

    Thanks to Mr. Joy for another well written column. He’s one of my favorite Prost Amerika contributors.

    • Matthew,

      I am sure Ian will be very appreciative of your sentiments, especially as they come from a Sounders fan. Thank you very much on his behalf. Look forward to some big news regarding another new columnist, maybe even two, very soon. We aim to keep improving and bringing you the best in football writing.

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