Radio Sounders Show: Houston Calling and Calling it Straight



The show’s interviews come from Houston this week thanks to the courtesy and helpfulness of Houston Dynamo FC who provided them.

There are post match interviews from head coach Sigi Schmid, Kasey Keller, Tyson Wahl and Nate Jaqua.

The show notices a marked reluctance top scapegoat anyone and welcomes Sounders FC’s approaches to their own shortcomings. It also does point out that there is not that much wrong and everybody is entitled to an off day.

The show also has the full audio from Schmid’s monthly teleconference call where he memorably took a pot shot roughly in the direction of Don Garber.


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  1. Interesting about Man U. I feel ignorant and out of touch. I watched it, and especially first 45 minutes enjoyed. Yes, my interest waned as we gave up goals in 2nd half, but felt there was no need for Sigi to apologize (Levesque for me was voice of reason) the game was fun and worth it. Additionally it kind of bugs me, as you pointed out, that Don Garber would have an opinion about the lineup. But it is most curious that Sigi shut down further questions. Apparently losing 7-nil to ManU in a friendly is a bigger issue than losing 1-nil to Panama in a CCL match. Am i reading too much into that? You also make an interesting point about excuses. Isn’t it important for media to cover all angles of a subject, excuses or not? I do see your point in Keller and Wahl. So, as I try to grow-up a little, those example register a difference with me. So, credit to you for pointing that out.