Trading Places: Dax and De Ro Swap


Dax McCarty is on his way to New York from DC. Dwayne De Rosario will depart the Big Apple for the Capital. The shock swap was announced today.

De Rosario in Seattle last week

De Rosario left Toronto for New York in April of this year but has not made much of an impact.

Two of his last appearances came in Cascadia and he disappointed in both.

Ben Olsen however was delighted to give him a chance in DC.

“Today we signed one of the best players MLS has ever seen in Dwayne De Rosario,” he told

“In order to gain a quality piece we gave up a quality player in Dax McCarty, but we feel that De Rosario is a game-changer that will help us in our push for playoffs.”

United fans are entitled to scepticism. De Ro made a less than DP sized impact in Toronto and his presence hasn’t reversed a poor run of form in New York.

However their current attacking midfielder Fred will be joining the Melbourne Heart in mid-July, when the international transfer window opens. Olsen no longer has to worry about filling that gap.

For McCarty, this trade is a continuation of an odyssey. He was first draft pick in the Expansion Draft and seemed en route for all the fun of the fair in Portland after FC Dallas left him surprisingly unprotected.

Within 24 hours, he was traded away to DC where he seemed to have settled in. He gained the club captaincy and seemed to be in coach Olsen’s favour.

New York will have cleared some cap space presumably and a DP slot. McCarty may be the dynamism they have been lacking in midfield but speculation may continue that he is there with an eye to a future trade.

He didn’t even make it out for the second half when New York thumped United 4-0 earlier this season, being taken off at half time for Branko Boskovic. Clearly there was nothing there for Hans Backe to admire.

Cynics might observe that New York’s desperate need for fresh goalkeeping talent may have been a catalyst. Greg Sutton was atrocious in his side’s 4-2 humbling in Seattle, and the goal which his replacement Bouna Condoul conceded to Chicago was embarrassing.

That leaves the possibility that McCarty may once more be bait to be traded for someone else as he was in Portland.

It is also possible that Backe has seen something positive since and there is more to his motivation than merely freeing up the resources De Rosario was eating up.


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