Once a Cascadian – Ian Joy: I feel ‘like a kid’ on my Return to the Rose City



Once a Cascadian – the Warrior Returns

Portland Timbers Home former captain Ian Joy feels an overwhelming wave of emotion as he prepares for the home opener in his second article for Prost Amerika in the Once a Cascadian series

by Ian Joy

I am sitting on my flight to PDX and I feel like a kid at Christmas.

There is so much excitement in my body right now that I am finding it very hard to contain myself from losing control.

This game can’t arrive quick enough. I might have to drink more than my average 6 beers tonight just to fall asleep.

I don’t know if I am more excited to watch the team perform or to watch the Timbers Army and Portland fans in action. Now on the big stage where they belong I am expecting nothing short of a European football atmosphere with 4th of July fireworks.

If Chicago fire think they will get the same beautiful atmosphere in Portland as they did in Seattle last weekend they will be in for the shock of their lives when they arrive into the hostile hot pot of Jeld-wen field.

As I have only been a part of the Timbers history for just over a year now the excitement I am feeling must be no where near what it will be like for those loyal fans who have been there and done that with the Portland Timbers Football Club throughout their long past.

I envision fans in the downtown pubs tonight already wearing their new Green and white Portland Timbers MLS Jerseys with pride knowing that they will not be able to sleep tonight with the excitement for tomorrow.

Having spoken with a number of the Timbers players over the past days you can truly hear that special buzz of excitement in their voice and let me tell you those guys will be ready to rock and roll when that whistle goes!

The Chicago fire are bringing a very exciting team with them and will provide stiff competition for the Timbers in what I think will be a very close game. The Fire have the experience of MLS, South American and European vets to lean on that will help them through their first experience of the Timbers atmosphere but I’m not sure that will be enough.

No matter how good you are as a team or how well you think you have prepared for this game it will all go out of the window when that whistle goes and you have 11 Timbers players gunning for your blood, and with 20.000 axes waving in your direction there will be no place to hide.

Thanks for the JerseyPhoto: Gary Sheldon

I expect the Fire to play well as I believe they have the quality and experience to handle it however I would not be surprised if they completely folded under the pressure as many teams do away from home in Major League Soccer.

The Timbers have to quickly create an environment at home where opposing teams and players hate to play in, where they know that they will be kicked and battered from the 1st to the 90th minute. With the Timbers team being so young and still learning about each other there is no other way to be successful from the get go other than to make life a complete misery for the Fire and every other team that steps foot on our turf.

Regardless of the result tomorrow night, the Portland Timbers as a football club are going places and tomorrow night is just another milestone they have achieved as a franchise and something very special to be proud of.

So whether you are going to be watching at home on ESPN or joining me and 20.000 other nutters at the game, ENJOY. This is what football is all about.

Welcome to Jeld-wen field the home of the Portland Timbers football club and the Timbers Army.

Special Thanks to the exciting young Timbers Midfielder Rodrigo Lopez for providing me with a new Timbers Jersey to wear at the game. Anyone looking to buy me a pint can find me with Lopez #19 on my back.

Ian Joy

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