Blaise of Glory

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Published on June 17, 2010 with 3 Comments

Radio Sounders looks back at a night of glory for Blaise Nkufo and his Switzerland team mates, but doesn’t predict the doom for Spain that predictably the Spanish press are.

There’s an overview of the group but then a look forward to Friday’s Group C games, Slovenia v United States and Algeria v England.

And the show finishes with something predictably awful from this year’s World Cup songs.

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US Will Keep All Blue Strips

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  1. Uh…how come a story about the Swiss team gets a picture from “The Sound of Music,” a film set in the Austrian Alps?

    • Fool! She’s clearly thinking about how to escape to Switzerland.

      And wondering if there was anyone with so much time on their hands that they would post something as pedantic as you did. ;-)

  2. Steve,

    I’m dying for a new episode of the Radio Sounders Show. I know you are busy with MLS Examiner and probably a bit melanin development, but Radio Sounders is the only place for broad spectrum analysis and coverage of the Seattle Sounders and their place in world football.

    Resume the good work.



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