Kasey’s Tales of Millwall Highlight Town Hall Meeting

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Published on May 31, 2010 with 1 Comment

When Kasey Keller eventually decides to hang up his goalkeeping gloves, he should seriously consider a career as an after dinner speaker.

A player who has played in such varying localities as Millwall and Madrid was always going to have seen a lot of things, but he combines some cherished and some not so cherished memories with a an easy going speaking style and a gift for story telling. Some of his tales from life at Millwall were a little horrific, but in answer to an audience question on the issue were timely and relevant, as well as entertaining.

Some other interesting issues raised were of course the World Cup, with Arlo White expressing amazement that the world continues to admire the England football team despite it being totally rubbish for decades. he also had some very interesting observations on the transformation from impartial BBC commentator to working for one of the franchises in the game he is calling.

Gary Wright expressed confidence that the club will turn things around and found common cause with Prost Amerika site editor in expressing the view that forward Nate Jaqua has been far more greatly missed than perhaps people appreciate.

Author Chad Mack and photographer Rick Morrison made appearances to promote the new Sounders Photobook and five lucky winners won advance copies signed by them.

Pauline Chardoul-Sutter relaxed everyone with the massage chair especially event host Matt Gaschk, who along with others emjoyed the foor provided by Uli’s Sausages, Peak’s Frozen Custard and the Stonehouse Restaurant in Redmond.

A New World record is Created for Most People Laughing Simultaneously at a Matt Gaschk Joke
Photo: Sarah Samson

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  1. Seattle’s current problems have everything to do with the inability of the most awesome support in the league to be freely turned into club improvements. If you’re not fighting the MLS ownership and league micromanagement of the team, you’re just fighting for the status quo.

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